Written by: Lauren Lambson, Leah Roberts

Keeping your mind free from addictive thoughts is one of the hardest things to do during recovery. Sometimes, as easy as we think it amy be, the biggest challenge is staying sober right out of your treatment center.

Most people find that by expanding their interests, reaching out and finding new hobbies and activities, and just staying busy in general, typically helps to stay sober.

If you are planning on staying in Hanover once you complete your treatment at Williamsville Wellness, we want nothing more than to make sure you continue to stay sober right out of the gates.

Whether it’s connecting with nature, trying your hand at a round of golf, or finally overcoming your fear of roller coasters; activities in Hanover are endless, and are helpful in keeping you focused on your goal of sobriety.

“Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something.” – Dale Carnegie

Hanover is home to so many different resources that will help you stay sober and focus on sobriety. Being able to unwind and free your mind is essential during recovery.

“Hanover County has witnessed many milestones during the past 400 years. Lose yourself in the area’s unique legacy, which lives on through spectacular year-round events, festivals and celebrations.”

Are you a natural golfer?

If not, maybe you want to learn how to? A golfing getaway can be as close as the nearest fairway. Not much beats the healing properties of blue skies and the lush, well-manicured green of a golf course.

Whether you walk the tension off or drive it away, after a round or two of golf at The Hollows Golf Club or The Hunting Hawk Golf Club, you will come away renewed. Both courses are approximately 30 minutes from Williamsville Wellness.

Nestled in the foothills alongside the South Anna River and Stagg Creek is The Hanover Country Club, a stunning golf course with a serene atmosphere. This golf course is also pretty challenging if you want to elevate your golf game. This beautiful course is also approximately 30 minutes from Williamsville Wellness.

“Success takes place in small steps, always in the present moment, and always one shot at a time.”

This is not only true in the game of golf but as well as in the journey of recovery.

You’ve overcome the obstacles, challenges, heartache, addiction, trauma; Your past, your connections, and your experiences have all gotten you to where you are today.

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” -Theodore Roosevelt

Connect with Hanover. Connect with yourself.

Hanover County is filled with historical landmarks reminding residents and visitors of the challenges and history this town has encountered.

Learn about Hanover’s history and maybe a little about yourself as you visit some of these captivating sites.

The historic railway of Beaver-dam Depot is a great landmark to visit to get some inspiration. Despite many attempts by the Union cavalry raiders to destroy the building during the Civil War, the Depot stands today, approximately 45 minutes from Williamsville Wellness.

Many landmarks such as the Hanover County Courthouse and Church Quarter provide wonderful ways to go “back to the future” in connecting with the past and using history to propel you on to a bright, sober path.

These stunning landmarks are approximately 15-30 minutes from Williamsville Wellness.

“Study the past if you want to define the future.” -Confucius

Take steps (literally and figuratively).

Move forward up some of the most popular mountain trails in Virginia.

The Old Rag Mountain and the Hawksbill Mountain provide spectacular views and quiet solitude, offering time for reflection and a better perspective of life’s obstacles.

From a higher vantage point, solutions can be seen more clearly.

Walk it off. If you’re not up for the challenge of a hike; the ease of the Ashland Trolley Line is a gorgeous trail to walk off stresses and relax and is only about 25 minutes from Williamsville Wellness.

Maybe you’d rather feel the wind rush past as you cruise through quiet countrysides and shady woods on the Hanover Cruise bike trail. Connect with the movement of the rolling hills and whispers of the leaves above.

Bike paths that seem to stretch on forever can invigorate you as well as push you forward.

Never in competition with anyone but yourself, you will gain speed and strength as you move along the courses.

The Ashland Ramble is a challenging bike trail you might find yourself relating to. With many inclines and long stretches, this trail is a journey all in it’s own.

Recognize the movement of the course as well as the movement you’ve made on your recovery ride.

During recovery it’s important to remember that you can navigate all the ups and downs of life. Remember to hold onto lessons taught and lessons learned and you will walk away safe and steady.

It’s okay to have a little fun!

The roller coaster of recovery can be overwhelming.  There is no shame in taking a break, and enjoying a little excitement sometimes!

Finding that excitement has never been easier with the Kings Dominion theme park just 25 minutes away.

Conquer your fear of coasters (or lack thereof) on the Twisted Timbers ride or go jam out with The Chart Toppers brass band.

You could even take a dive into Cobblestones Park nearby, to clear your mind and release your stress.

Let adulting take a back seat as you rediscover your inner child. Have fun and find your balance!

Letting go and having fun is essential in recovery; this journey is serious, but you’re allowed to have fun too, just in a different way you may be used to.

“You say tomato and I say tomahto”

Seeing and feeling things differently than others isn’t a bad thing. As you continue to find and reconnect with your sober mind, remember to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life.

Not everything has to be so serious!

Take the day and head over to The Hanover Tomato Festival this July. Taste some delicious tomato inspired dishes, enjoy the live music, and spice it up by entering in some contests!

Take the edge off- live a little!

Be Creative

Expressing yourself is part of finding yourself.

Gain some artistic hobbies, and utilize that creativity in expressing and processing your feelings, goals or emotions in different ways.

Whether that’s the outdoor sports and music festival of Dominion Riverrock, live music at the Richmond Jazz Festival, the April Showers Bring May Flowers art festival, and so many more year-round festivals offered, you will never fail to find your creative side near Hanover.

Come to admire the artistic talent, and find your muse at this festival!

The legacy of Hanover continues to live on. Be a part of Hanover and let Hanover be a part of you. Allow new strengths to be gained, new lessons learned and old ones always remembered, and new memories made with the new you.

Wherever life may take you, Williamsville in Hanover will be here when you need a breath of fresh air, a moment of recollection, or just a new adventure to awaken your spirits.

While finding new activities and hobbies is not a bad thing, you also have to learn how to relax your body and your mind at times too.

You can’t always be running at full speed throughout your life- everyone needs a break.

So while you indulge in activities to redirect your addictive thoughts, it is also important to learn how to redirect our thoughts when we’re just sitting around, watching tv as well.

It’s important to train your mind to veer from addictive thoughts even when you’re not distracting yourself with stuff to do.

Check out our other most recent blog to find a guide to re-directing and re-training our sober minds.

If you have some questions, feel free to leave a comment, email us, or give us a call at 1-802-559-9959

Staying Sober in Hanover, Virginia
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