Stop Gambling and Learn to Manage Life and Money.

When a person is in active addiction they often develop a habit of putting off responsibilities. This can be anything from everyday chores to paying bills.  In so many instances a person’s addiction takes precedence and the regular “adult “duties tend to be put on the back burner.  By regaining control over these issues an addict can regain control of their lives. This will also allow a person to greatly improve their recovery.

But learning to develop new habits is not always easy.  For instance, the addict in many cases has financial problems due to their addiction.  Some addicts may owe money to their families, friends or creditors.  These types of financial burdens can cause a tremendous amount of stress for someone in early recovery.  However, when an addict reaches out for help and takes things day by day, then they will slowly make progress.

Also, it is important to point out that a person in active addiction spends a great deal of time and energy maintaining this type of lifestyle.  Everything from lying about gambling to traveling and scrounging money to fuel their habit has been the main goal.  So the thought of everyday responsibilities has been given little consideration.  Now when a person begins recovery the long neglected responsibilities come flooding back.  This will increase the chances of a relapse and so it is necessary for the person to put as much energy into their recovery as they did with their addiction.

Learning to Manage Life and Money Takes Time.  So Be Patient with Yourself!

It is sometimes very overwhelming to catch up on so many responsibilities.  But by taking life day by day and attending either therapy or 12 step meetings the person can get back on track.  The reality is that we cannot not get it all done at one time.  Like with a cluttered house a person can begin by cleaning one room at a time.  The old saying that a cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind is so true.  So professionals, sponsors, family and friends will often say do what you can…but do what you can!

Stop Gambling and Learn to Manage Life and Money,support,one day at a time

Stop Gambling and Learn to Manage Life and Money Once Again!

One recent article discusses the effects of alcohol abuse and the social and psychological problems. Just like alcohol or drug addiction, gambling creates mental health issues as well. But remember if you do not gamble things will get better in time.  It is key to develop a strong support system in order to make progress.  Get the support you need and take the steps in the right direction and you will be amazed at how much you can achieve over time.  Then someday you will be able to share your experience, strength and hope with another addict and help them work through their challenges!


Stop Gambling and Learn to Manage Life and Money.
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