by Amy Dettre
One of my hobbies is Photography. Photography is a good way to become more mindful of your surroundings and can be done almost anywhere. I have been focusing on nature the last few months and specifically what is around me in the Richmond area. It is so important to find a healthy hobby while making a lifestyle change, because it helps us become more connected with ourselves and others.  This is a step on how to avoid gambling and focus on the good things.

How to Avoid Gambling by Appreciating & Finding Beauty in Your Surroundings!

I started off working in a dark room when I was a teenager developing pictures manually, which was really rewarding. Now I use my digital camera or cell phone, which is more instant and is also more accessible to others.
The first two pictures shown are ones that I have taken at Williamsville Wellness. The third picture shown is one of the James River under the Manchester Bridge. Photography is fun and meaningful for me and I would like to encourage others to take a moment to notice the beauty that is around them. Reflecting on a picture that captures a positive memory can help your brain relive that moment, which is similar to journaling about a positive experience that you have had.
A Sunset at Williamsville by Amy Dettre Resident in Counseling at Williamsville Wellness by Amy Dettre, M.A., Resident in Counciling

How to Avoid Gambling by Appreciating & Finding Beauty in Your Surroundings
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