Often we talk about the symptoms of addiction.  A person could experience blackouts from drinking or drugging.  He or she might have to increase their intake to get the same effect.  Then, there are withdrawals, anxiety, isolation or their behavior changes for the worse.  Furthermore, the addict might start losing things like their job, house or license.  I could go on and on…. but, maybe it’s about time we discuss the symptoms of sobriety!  This recent article  discusses a few of these symptoms.

Great Things Happen When a Person Gets Sober!

Perhaps you have a loved one who now no longer drinks or drugs.  You may have seen them pass out or come to in the past.  Things are quite different since he or she has stopped.  They most likely are not sleeping as well or their appetite hasn’t returned to normal.  In early sobriety these things are quite normal.  But, as time passes things start to level off.  A person’s sleep and appetite all of the sudden improve!  Moreover, their mind starts to clear up and they begin to communicate better.  One of the most difficult things when a person stops using substances is that they begin to “feel” again.  Although, this might be unpleasant at times he or she learns how to express these feelings and once again these things will get better as time goes on.

The Symptoms of Sobriety, recovery, addiction

There’s nothing like a great meal in sobriety!

A neat thing for many people in recovery is that they begin to gain a lot of their senses back.  For instance, their sense of taste comes back.  So, now a good steak, fresh fruit or bowl of ice cream seems so good.  Don’t forget the smell of freshly baked cookies.  Even better news is that their sex lives improve!!!  There are just so many great things that happen when a person gets sober.  I could go on and on!  Now that you have an idea of symptoms of sobriety then maybe it’s time to start making some changes and reap the rewards that you have been missing out on for so long!

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The Symptoms of Sobriety
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