Symptoms That Lead to Relapse

For people in recovery there are many symptoms that can lead to a relapse.  But if a person is mindful of these symptoms then they will have a great chance at avoiding a relapse.  An important point to make is that a person must be honest with themselves in order to be aware of the things in life that can be harmful to their recovery.  So the addict should always stop and think before making a decision to gamble.  It could save your life.

So, let’s discuss some of the symptoms a person might experience before a relapse.  Often times people in recovery may have a feeling of exhaustion which can lead to poor health.  If for example, a recovering addict takes on more work than he or she can handle then stress occurs.  The person is unable to take time to address self care.  Eventually, the person can feel overwhelmed and give up on recovery.  When a person relapses in this instance, the initial problem of doing too much becomes compounded.  It is much more difficult to handle the dilemma when a person is actively gambling. Now the cycle of addiction takes over.

Symptoms That Lead to Relapse, prevention

Symptoms That Lead to Relapse. Stop Yourself if You are Experiencing Signs of a Relapse!

Another symptom is arguing.  All too often addicts start arguments to prove their point of view on something.  When this happens it is important to ask yourself questions. Are you arguing to look for a reason to gamble?  Are you upsetting yourself so that you can look for an excuse to relapse?  This type of analysis can lead a person in the right direction and he or she can stop themselves before making that first bet.  Sometimes the addict will need others to point out some of the symptoms. It’s helpful for loved ones to voice any concerns but do it in a compassionate and caring way.  A recent article points out how the NCAA Tournament and the  month of March can easily lead to a relapse.

Reach Out for Help When You Notice Symptoms That Lead to Relapse!

Other things which can lead to a relapse are depression, despair and any other negative emotions.  It is necessary for the addict to seek help from a friend, family member or medical professional to address these feelings.  Because if they are not addressed they will build up and the person will relapse.  So, the person in many cases needs to be assertive in tackling these issues.  Furthermore, being assertive with others in the first place often will help avoid these feelings.  For instance, a person might be asked to do more work than they have time for.  But if he or she tells someone ahead of time that they cannot take on these responsibilities then this will provide relief to the addict.

When the addict is experiencing trauma, negative feelings or thoughts he or she must be willing to reach out for help. If the person chooses to seek out help then, and only then, will the addict have a chance at preventing a relapse.  So when addicts are aware of the potential symptoms that can lead to a relapse then their recovery will become stronger.  Furthermore, the person will live a happier life without the need to gamble.

Symptoms That Lead to Relapse
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