Are you able to watch a ballgame these days and not have any money on it? There are many ex-gamblers in recovery who can now enjoy watching a great game and not have to worry about beating the spread, coin toss or whatever people bet on these days. But, if you are an active gambler then watching these games can often take out the pure enjoyment of any past time sport and lead to overwhelming frustration.

Take for instance, the Eagles-Raiders game on Christmas night. The Eagles needed to win by 10 points to beat the spread. So, late in the game, the Eagles who were ahead 13-10, didn’t appear to have a chance to cover the 10 points. But, the Raiders ended up giving the ball away on the last play of the game and the Eagles scored a touchdown taking a 19-10 lead. All those folks who had their money on the Eagles now were a shoe-in for cashing in as the Eagles just needed to kick the extra point. What a roller coaster game for those who had their money on the Eagles. It looked like they all could start counting their winnings but instead of kicking the extra point the Eagles took a knee and the game was over. Final score 19-10 Eagles over the Raiders.

How One Team Drove Gamblers Nuts on Christmas Night!

The Eagles did not cover the spread. Those gamblers who bet on the Eagles surely were in a tailspin wondering why in the world did they take a knee and not kick the extra point. The good news for those folks who have the compulsion to bet on sports or anything else is that you can seek treatment and no longer must experience the agony of defeat!  Williamsville Wellness Center treats gambling addicts in a unique way offering three individual therapy sessions a day and group therapy to get to the root of your problem. We help you get better and stop gambling. We want you to enjoy our nation’s pastime once again!

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Let’s enjoy a ballgame without Gambling!




Compulsive Gambling and the Agony of Defeat
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