The Benefits of Protein.

Protein is so important to your overall health.  So, whether you are an athlete or just a person trying to stay healthy, protein is essential for your body.  It has many benefits and the way we get our protein is also important.  For those gamblers in recovery protein helps you in all sorts of ways.

Let’s talk about the big picture of how protein helps people.  Humans need protein because it is the building block of our cells and our muscles.  Protein is necessary for so many things to our body.  It helps muscles recover after a person works out or does any sort of exercise.  In addition, protein helps a person heal from cuts or wounds. Your metabolism and fat burning qualities increase when you are taking in the right amount of protein.  It also balances blood sugar and can help fight diabetes.  Likewise, it will aid in reducing your appetite and is essential for brain function.  Lastly, protein can help a person with depression and it can increase your energy levels.  These are all things that people in recovery need to pay attention to.

But how does a person get the right amount of protein into their diet?  Well, the general rule is that the minimum amount of protein a person needs each day is 0.5-0.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight.  If you are exercise regularly the amount would increase to 1 gram of protein per day, per pound of body weight.  Many people get their protein from meat, beans, dairy products, eggs, etc.  The key point here is that a person needs organic sources of protein.  A lot of restaurants and grocery stores sell products that are from animals that have been loaded up with hormones, antibiotics and steroids. This is not healthy protein.  So, getting your protein from animals that are grass fed is the best way to go!

The Benefits of Protein and Feeling Healthy, organic

The Benefits of Protein and Feeling Healthy. Don’t let protein jump away from you!

You can get your protein from other sources of food as well. Salmon, peanut butter, cottage cheese and mixed nuts are good sources of protein. Tofu and yogurt are other ways to increase your protein intake and remember these are all great sources of protein for your daily meals or snacks.  Furthermore, be careful to watch all of the other unhealthy ingredients that might be in a protein snack.  A recent article  touts the importance of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich to many NBA players.  But lots of snacks are loaded with sugar (like the PB&J) and other things that will decrease your energy levels. Just as important is eating a well balanced diet with plenty of water. Lastly, don’t forget all of the benefits protein will bring to you and how healthy it can make you feel.

Protein is Essential For Your Body!

So the next time you are feeling sluggish and do not feel like going to a meeting reach for some protein and in no time you will be motivated to head out of the house!

The Benefits of Protein and Feeling Healthy
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