The Disease of a Gambling  Addiction is one that is not curable.  But, just like diabetes it is treatable.  This is why it is so important to understand exactly how a gambling addiction can be stopped.  Many people think they can just go to “rehab” and when they get out they will be cured.  Others might think that there is a magic pill that will help their loved one stop gambling.  Unfortunately, there is no such pill.  Some people try to control their addiction by cutting back but this inevitably leads to increased gambling sooner or later.

Addiction is an Impulsive Disease…the Addict Does Not Think of the Consequences of Gambling.

So, what is the answer to quitting your addiction?  The plain and simple answer is to stop and get support from family, friends, 12 step meetings, church, etc. to maintain a gamble free life.  But why is the answer so simple yet many people are unable to do this?  Well this is because the disease of addiction is evil, cunning, baffling and tricky. Addiction lies to the addict!  It tells the addict they can stop when he or she wants to or that they are not that bad.  A recent article discusses one man’s gambling experience and how he stopped.

Addiction is also progressive meaning that the more you do it the worse it gets.  Most people when they start out gambling they have very little consequences.  But as they continue compulsive gambling, the consequences become significant.  For instance, a person might start feeling withdrawal symptoms when they stop or try to cut back.  In addition, other troubles can include legal, family, health, financial and career problems.

The Disease of a Gambling Addiction, change

The Disease of a Gambling Addiction. It is a Health Hazard in so Many Ways!

But if the addict can focus on changing he or she will have a chance at beating this disease.  Many people say that 10% of the problem is the action of gambling.  It really is only a symptom of the other 90% of the problem which is much larger.  That other 90% consists of a person’s behavior, attitude and outlook on life.  When a person can focus on improving these areas then, and only then, will they be successful!




The Disease of a Gambling Addiction
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