The Phoenix


Deep within the innermost realms of reality

Amidst the darkest shadows of the soul

And the blazing fires of the human mind

Look… See it rising

New and triumphantly glorious

The Phoenix

Nature’s symbol of life reborn

The essence of recovery

No more…

Are the days spent wildly screaming into the winds

of time and justice

No more…

Are the hours spent blindly fighting against

the might of the hurricanes of years gone by.

No more…

Are the hours spent in desperate isolation

Struggling to reach the outward mark

Some recognition of who we are and

what we are to become.

Replaced are they,

by the blazing light of truth

and the all encompassing power of love.

The past has died…

It hath been reborn.

No more…

must children walk the path of Hell

No more…

must tears be shed in the name of the Past

No more…

must anyone fear the days yet to come.

Rest secure…

Live again.

Fly reborn Spirit

Bird of light and unending radiance…

Release thy healing energy

To all who have yet to rise

from the ashes below.

That their spirits too shall know rebirth.

Spread your mighty wings and fly

forward into all the world.

That all may know the power of recovery.

Fly free…


Bird of Truth.

Be free. 

Source: BIBRI: Poems in Recovery

“The Phoenix”
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