Things people do to hide their addiction.

When an individual has become an addict they will do almost anything to avoid stopping their addiction.  Not only is the idea of ending the addiction problematic for them but hiding it from everyone is too.  Many addicts will also go out of their way to keep their addiction a secret.  It’s amazing what he or she will do to prolong something that is so harmful.

So let’s talk about some of the sad things alcoholics will do to hide their addiction.  Many alcoholics will buy their alcohol from different stores or buy in bulk claiming they are having a big party.  Alcoholics will often hide booze and their empty bottles.  One former addict told me she used to hide her wine in her hair spray or shampoo container.  Others would actually put vodka bottles in the back of the toilet.  As far as getting rid of the empties, some will throw them in their neighbors yard or have a secret dumping spot in their own yard.  Eating halls cough drops is another way to cover up drinking.    The point of all of this is to not show any red flags of a drinking problem.

You Can’t Hide Your Addiction Forever!

When it comes to addicts they are no different at hiding their addiction.  One obvious thing pill addicts do is doctor shop.  They will often go to several different doctors claiming they have pain and will fill the prescriptions at different pharmacies.  Then, when they get home they often hide their pills in a number of places.  Some of which are in a laxative bottle, a pocket in an old sport coat, the end of shoes not being worn, or in a hidden self made compartment in the house.  Marijuana users are known to hide their stash in a cereal box or somewhere in the freezer (e.g. frozen vegetables).

Things People Do to Hide Their Addiction,secret

Things People Do to Hide Their Addiction. Many Times Your Addiction is in Plain Sight!

Also, there are a number of ways to cheat a drug test and people get away with it.  But this is temporarily because continued use will eventually catch up with them.  One thing for sure is that their addictions will send them to jail, hospitals (rehab), and sadly some will end up in a grave.  If you are one with a secret addiction, getting help is your best option!




Things People Do to Hide Their Addiction
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