Dr. Ed Bieda Shares 3 Principles of Consciousness

I’m Dr. Ed Bieda, and before I do my talk today, I’d really like to share with you how this is relevant, how this important, to know for you, for anybody. “How can this help me?”, basically.

Teaching these principles, so that you have an understanding about one, how you operate, because we never get told how we operate psychologically.

Two, I’m kind of sharing with you how you can attain personal peace, serenity, through these principles. These principles are already inside of you. They’re nothing you have to create for yourself. They’re nothing you have to struggle with. They are already they’re part of you, which is a beautiful part. There isn’t anything that you need to put in yourself.

There isn’t anything that you have to go get. You just have to just understand and then allow them to work. Then you’ll change. You’ll be different. Understand things. See things differently. When you see things differently, your life begins to change.

That’s how this stuff is important. The last part I’d probably like to share with you is it can teach you how to be happy.

Teaching You To Be Happy

Now, you’re probably sitting there and you’re saying, “Teach me to be happy? How are you going to do that?” Maybe you haven’t been happy in a long time. Or you’ve never been happy. Or maybe happiness has always been fleeting. Well, when you understand how you operate, when you understand what we are naturally, you can’t help but get that calm, that serenity, that peace.

That peace can lead you to have a happier life, a more full, a more interesting and fulfilling life. When I talk about happiness, that’s what it is. Happiness is nothing I put inside my body. Happiness is not something I do. I don’t have to run 50 miles to feel happy. Or meditate to feel happy. I can just feel happy from within.

That’s the magic. That’s the take home is there isn’t anything you have to do to do this. You just have to realize it, get an insight, see something different, and instantaneously, with a thought, your life becomes different.

Kind of sit back. Just listen. Listen with nothing else on your mind, and try to get what I’m talking about. We’ll start out this one with the outcomes from the session.

Experiential Teaching and Learning

Today’s topic is an introduction to the principle of consciousness. You’re going to learn about the principle of consciousness and learn about levels of consciousness. We have wisdom in answers that work for us, just within yourself. Nobody else has the answer for you. For that wisdom to occur to us, I’ll read this quote from Deepak Chopra:

“We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us. The realm of the soul.”

That realm of the soul, you can always go there, because it’s right there. It’s right inside of you. All you have to do is get quiet, be still, take a deep breath, and just allow it to come forward. You can always find it, because it doesn’t go anywhere.

We just think it does.

It gets covered up. Seems like it’s invisible, but it’s always there. I want to always tell you that. I want to always reassure you that no matter what happens, you can always have your calm, you can always have your peace of mind.

Now before I delve into the three principles, I always give you the disclaimer that it’s important for you to know that what I’m teaching is very experiential.

It’s not school learn. Doesn’t require you to get this intellectually. If you were to get this intellectually, if you were to understand that your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings lead to your actions, that would get you pretty far in life. That would get you some way, but I don’t know that it would help you change your entire life. If you can hear this at a deeper level, is what I’m saying.

Today’s talk is really about consciousness.

Today’s talk is really about consciousness. Talking about it at a deep level, you’ll really see something else.

With experiential learning, I can’t tell you. I don’t know when that’s going to happen for you or when that will take place. Some people take a long time before it occurs to them.

Some people take a little bit of time before it occurs to them, but trust that it will occur to you if you simply allow it to. Don’t worry about when you’ll get this. Just keep aiming in the direction of health, and one day you’ll get an insight. You’ll see something.

The words I’m speaking point to an attempt to describe a truth, right? Whenever we’re talking about truth, it is something that amorphous. It doesn’t have a shape or a form to it, so I have to use a metaphor to describe that something that doesn’t have a form.

In doing this, what’s very helpful is to really listen. Listen with nothing else on your mind. Give your full attention to what’s being said. Look for a feeling, and try to get the feeling of what the words are trying to describe.

Hopefully at the end of this talk, you’ll feel lighter and better than you did when you began. I’ll start off with a poem that I wrote about the three principles:

Three Principles by Dr. Bieda

“It’s always there in me, in you, everywhere. Truth lives anywhere. The feeling helps you become aware. Abundant as air. Inside, peek, and find anything you seek. Watch how it unfolds from within you, a form unique.

Maybe you haven’t felt good in a long time, and life seems like it’s an upwards steep climb. Easy as a snap to get back to one’s prime. Simply inside steer. Wait in here, for wisdom sends great cheer, joyful, deep felt, may even bring one to tears.

Feel confident. Take a step in a new world, and the truth becomes evident. Life will seem heaven sent. No matter the situation, the predicament, see the world fresh and new from a higher view. Born moment to moment, a new version of you. “

Sydney Banks’ Realizations About Consciousness

As I talk to you about the principle of consciousness, I’m going to talk to you using Sydney Banks’ realizations about this. These are quotes that come out of a book that he wrote about consciousness. I’m going to read them through. Just get a feeling for it. Just see what or hear something.

“All living creatures were given the power of mind, consciousness, and thought, which enables them to observe divine creation or form. Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of thought. Somewhere in the innermost recesses of our consciousness lie the answers to the questions of all mankind seeks.

As our consciousness descends, we lose our feelings of love and understanding and experience a world of emptiness, bewilderment, and despair. As our consciousness ascends, we regain purity of thought, and in turn regain our feelings of love and understanding.

Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own erroneous thoughts. This is why we must look past our contaminated thoughts to find the purity and wisdom that lies inside our own consciousness.

“When the wise tell us to look within, they are directing us beyond intellectual analysis of personal thoughts to a higher order knowledge called wisdom. Wisdom is an innate intelligence everyone possesses deep within their souls before the contamination of the outer world of creation. Find the spiritual wisdom that will guide you through life from within.

This is where you’ll find the feelings of love, understanding, and contentment. That a deaf man cannot hear the sound of the crashing ocean waves, or that blind men cannot see the beauty of an autumn sky, does not mean the sea and the sky do not exist.

Like the blind man, close your eyes. Like the deaf man, block your ears, go inside, and realize that which you seek had been there within you all along. This is when the blind will see and the deaf will hear.”

The Principle of Consciousness

What is Sydney Banks talking about?

Consciousness makes people aware, and it makes our thoughts alive to us. Makes thought real basically. How does consciousness do this? Well, we focus on a thought, and a feeling is created instantaneously.

For example, if I have a happy thought, a happy feeling is created. Consciousness makes the happy thought feel real to me. When I look out into the world, I’ll see all the things and situations that reinforce that happy thinking.

Conversely, if I have a sad thought, sad feelings are created, and consciousness makes that sad thought feel real to me as well. When I look out into the world, I see all the things and situations that reinforce that sad thinking.The world hasn’t changed one bit. The only thing that’s changed is my own thinking.

Our Biological Brain

I’ll share with you about our biological brain, which is different from mind. Our biological brain, that’s the stuff that runs this machinery, and it doesn’t know whether something is happening or not right now.

What I mean by this is it has no sense of time. The biological brain just knows if it is thinking something, then it must be happening. This is the reason that when a person thinks of something that occurred in the past, it can feel as if it just happened. He or she will get mad, happy, sad, or however they felt, short of breath, elated, sweaty, as they were when that event or situation occurred.

That’s because our biological brain experiences a thought. It says, “Okay, I’ll create it as if that thought, that event or situation, is happening now.”

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The Three Principles of Consciousness Part 1
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