The biological brain has a thought.

Whatever we think, that becomes the experience. Consciousness creates that experience. It makes that reality to us.

In “The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology” in 1996, they found that if a weight lifter was to imagine doing the activity of weight lifting, it actually made changes in their muscle activity because, like I told you, the brain doesn’t know if it’s happening or not. It just knows or it’s thinking about it, it must be happening, so it fires those neurons as if it’s really happening. Actual changes took place in that study.

There are also instances in dissociative disordered individuals in which one personality …

Let me explain.

Dissociative disordered people may have multiple personalities. Sometimes when one personality comes out, one of them might have an eye problem or an injury that only occurred with that personality. When that personality takes over, that person acts as if they’ve had that vision problem or that injury. When that personality’s no longer in charge, it disappears.

Well, how does that work? Through consciousness, right? They had that thought that they were injured or hurt, and so that became the reality for them.

Level of Consciousness

Level of consciousness, I’m going to be talking about this, and what that is it reveals what amount of mind or wisdom can access in that moment.

For example, let’s say you’re stressed, frustrated, angry, sad, whatever. You’re just not feeling good. At the lower levels of consciousness, what look like good ideas are hit it, run away, smash it, don’t do anything. The fight or flight response. The amygdala hijack. The person is responding out of fear.

When that person feels better, he’s out of the situation, he or she usually gets an insight of what they could’ve done or what they could’ve said, and they usually are kicking themselves at that point. “Man, I could’ve done this. I should’ve said that. Why didn’t I do it?” Well, hindsight is 20/20, because the person is no longer in that situation. Thus, you see more options to do. You have more wisdom available to you in the situation.

What I share with you is if you can become calm, content, able to take a breath and take a step back from the situation. You’ll be able to access your higher order thinking, your innate health and wisdom, to resolve the situation.

If you can do that in any moment, doesn’t matter what’s going on, you will be able to see something different for yourself. You’ll be able to make a change.

Example of Consciousness

Now, I teach this to teenagers, and one day this girl came in, and she said, “I’ve got a story for you.”

Everybody was like, “Okay, what’s your story?”

She shared that she went to school, and she ran into another girl who she didn’t get along with. They didn’t see eye to eye on things, and they really basically hated each other. The other girl was her nemesis.

They agreed to fight after school in a nearby area. After school, the two girls went to the area. They started fighting. During the fight, the girl who was taking the class noticed she was getting tired. If she didn’t do something, she was going to get hurt. She was going to get knocked out, so she knew she had to do something different.

What occurred to her during that fight at that moment was to ask the other girl if she was getting tired too.

As they’re fighting, the girl says, “Hey, I’m getting tired. How about you?”

The other girl is fighting her too, and she goes, “Yeah. I’m getting tired as well,” so they agreed to stop.

They took a break. They sat down. They shared a smoke. As they were smoking, they talked about what they didn’t like about each other. They had to agree that they were never going to see eye to eye on anything and ever change their personal positions on things.

They had to agree to disagree, keep to themselves. After shaking hands, they parted ways and went on their own.

What did we learn!

In this example, the wisdom the girl accessed and utilized worked not only for her, but for the other girl involved in the situation too. When the solution comes from within you, from within that innate health, that wisdom, that universal mind, it works no only for that person, but for everyone else involved.

I’m going to give you a word of caution. We’re all individual people.

The wisdom that occurred to the girl in that example, worked for her in her situation. By no means am I suggesting or recommending that you take somebody else’s wisdom and apply it to your specific situation, because all the teens said, “Well, if that’d happened to me, I would’ve punched you. I would’ve done this.”

Maybe in that situation those things would’ve occurred, but they didn’t. In her situation it worked, so you can’t take somebody else’s idea that occurred to them in their moment and hope that it will work for you. It might, but it also may not work for you.

I just want to give you a caution about that. We’re all unique, and that wisdom that occurs to us from within ourselves, that’s an expression of the universe that’s coming uniquely through us. While that wisdom comes across and will work for that, it’ll only do so for that person in the situation. Be careful of that. Be mindful of it.

Trust that you have all the answers that work for you in your situation.

Trust that you have all the answers that work for you in your situation. Nobody else has the answers that will work for you. They will come from within. They will avail themselves to you when the moment is right.

I can’t tell you when the moment is right. I also share with you that that’s probably the most frustrating thing for a lot of people is, “When is my wisdom going to kick in? When is that little voice going to talk to me?”

Well, think about this. We’re finite beings.

The energy inside of us is locked in this flesh and bone casing that we experience time from beginning to end of things. We have to go through the whole middle and whole process of things because we’re physical. We have a physical form.

The universe, however, that energy, is not encased in any form or body. It has no concept of time. It doesn’t know time like we do. It just knows it will send it when the time is right, when it’s supposed to come. I usually tell people you have to be patient in the waiting for it.

That doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. It doesn’t mean you have to struggle or fight. It just means you be patient until it arrives, and it will. Trust me, it will when the time is right.

Consciousness makes things real to us

Hopefully in this session today you learned about the Principle of Consciousness and that consciousness makes things real to us. It creates the feeling of thought so that we get a psychological experience. There’s also the level of consciousness. Whatever level a person is at, that’s how much access they’re going to have to their innate wisdom, how accessible it is going to be.

The lower levels of consciousness, sadness, mad, not feeling good, irritated, you’re going to naturally gravitate to fight or flight, or the amygdala hijack it’s called. At the higher levels of consciousness, when you’re calmer, when you’re content, when you’re happier, you’re going to have more options available in the situation.

We’re all unique, and the wisdom that occurs to us from within ourself, that expresses itself uniquely, that wisdom comes from within. It’ll work for everybody when it’s all said and done. You can’t take anybody else’s wisdom and try to apply it to your situation.

I hope that you live in a beautiful feeling, and I will see you next time.


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