Our resident mindfulness coach, Andrea, just got an article accepted in the Elephant Journal. The question at hand is, what makes travel a better experience, both in terms of quality and extended benefit instead of a temporary escape?

Andrea points out a pretty critical thought: “Many of us view these getaways or retreats as splurges rather than investments in our happiness and emotional well-being.”

Investing in yourself is one core belief at Williamsville Wellness, and teaching it is one of Andrea’s functions. She does an excellent job of pointing out ways to continuously do that with this article.

The key suggestions:

  • Be Curiuos
  • Be Present
  • Suspend Judgment
  • Be aware Travel is one way to show Self-Compassion

Click over to the article to get the full thoughts on each point.

Self Therapy from vacations can help keep addiction at bay


Travel Mindfully & Get Some Free (Self) Therapy
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