How in the world does a 13-year-old child get booze? It’s easier than you think.  Because it is a legal substance, most children can take it right out of their parent’s liquor cabinet.  In other instances, they can steal it from the local convenience store, or loiter outside the 7-11 waiting for a “sympathetic” adult to come along who can be talked into buying it for them.

Underage Drinking is Unsafe and Unhealthy, alcohol

Underage Drinking is Unsafe and Unhealthy and could cost you a career!


It can be a recipe for disaster for adolescents to begin “experimenting” with alcohol.  There may be countless consequences, both legal, physical and emotional.  Unfortunately, it does happen and the results are sometimes very tragic and/or life-changing.  From alcohol poisoning, to driving underage while intoxicated, these stories have ended in the deaths of teens across the country.  Teenagers are participating in underage drinking daily.  A recent article discusses some statistics about underage drinking and how easy it is for teens to get alcohol.

Underage Drinking Happens and the Results Can Be Tragic!

Some folks believe it is a part of growing up for a teen to be curious about alcohol and to engage in “experimentation”. They might think it is not a big deal. In addition, they might argue that if I (the parent) am present, what’s the harm? They might say, “they are going to do it anyway”.   “So, it’s better that they do it in front of me rather than sneaking off to do it and getting into trouble”.

Others though, strongly disagree with this way of thinking, their argument being that there are good reasons why the drinking age is 21.  They believe that it is sending the wrong message to a child that it’s okay to break the law!  Not to mention that a child’s brain is still in the developing stages, up to age 25 or 26 for males. Thus, for a young person, drinking can hinder their brain development as well as their emotional development. Moreover, it can cause outcomes that can be life-altering.  So, it is important to realize that a parent’s stance on this issue can make or break a child’s future.


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