The Daily had an article on January 10, 2012 about a Costly TD for Bettors. This bet, according to The Daily, had four bettors. This was a prop bet, meaning a proposition needed to occur to win the bet, which was that neither LSU or the Tide would score a touchdown, with odds of 20 to 1. Odds that every casino and bookie love to take action on.

As the founder of Williamsville Wellness, I find it irresponsible to call attention to such a bad practice when it pertained to so few people. Prop bets glamorize bad gambling practices and are a step down the path that leads to compulsive and pathological gambling.

As gambling continues to grow because states want to fill revenue holes, I would like news services such as The Daily to take a stand against online gambling where access, speed and the illusion of winning make it the most addictive of all forms of gambling. I would hope that The Daily could find a better article to put in that space about the game itself instead of a poor choice that four people made.

Unintentional Glorification of Gambling on The Daily
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