Living a clean and sober life after being in a 30 day treatment facility can be a challenge.  The following story depicts a former patient’s day and how to really work a 12 step program, and chronicles a fairly typical story of recovery after alcohol treatment in VA, but really applies to everyone.

This patient was on a prescription drug after receiving alcohol and drug treatment in VA but no longer needs it as his cravings have subsided substantially.   An article describes how treatment can work and how sometimes a patient may need a doctor’s help.

Ugh, it’s 4:30 am and the alarm is going off.  Why is this former patient getting up so early when he does not have to be to work until 8:30 am?  Well, it’s part of the routine.  After he leans over to shut that blaring alarm clock off, he slowing crawls out of bed to find his slippers which happen to be just under the bed.  He takes a moment to get on his knees before grabbing them.  Then he asks a power greater than himself to help him not pick up a drink or drug today.

Next he heads down to brew some coffee and make his lunch for the day.  After catching up on the local news for an hour or so, it’s time to get ready for the day…shower, shave and brush his teeth.   He leaves the house 6:15 am to head to a morning 12 step meeting.  The meeting doesn’t begin until 6:45 am but it was suggested that he get there early to help set up the meeting and mingle with some AA folk.

Then after the meeting he hangs around for a bit to chat with his sponsor.  He is frustrated with a co-worker and venting to his sponsor is a healthy and new way of living.  His sponsor reassures him that he is there to support him and says ‘no matter what happens today, just don’t drink, drug or hurt another human being.”  “If you do those things you will be okay!”

Using the Tools taught: A Glimpse into Alcohol Treatment in VA

Oddly enough, work turns out to be pretty uneventful.  On the way home he is triggered by a local beer truck and begins romanticizing a drink.  But he knows what to do.  He thinks the idea through and realizes all the negative consequences that will occur if he makes that choice.  Home at last.  But the earlier thoughts have come back.  So he decides it’s time to ask for help and call his sponsor to break these reoccurring thoughts.  That is what he was told after receiving alcohol treatment in VA.  After a long a supportive conversation he plans to meet his sponsor and attend yet another 12 step meeting.

The meeting is inspirational and the suggestions he has heard from attending meetings on a regular basis have worked again!  Arriving at home he heads up to turn in for the night.  One more thing though to do before hitting the sack.  He gets down on his knees and thanks his higher power for helping him to stay way from that first drink and drug.  Another successful day in the books after getting alcohol treatment in VA!

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Using the Tools taught: A Glimpse into Alcohol Treatment in VA
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