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Let’s face it, drinking or doing drugs can be a lot of fun.  But when someone crosses the line, spends way above their means, and is addicted the fun is no longer there. Addiction almost becomes a chore.  It really doesn’t matter what you drug of choice is.  Whether it’s drinking, cocaine, heroin etc. the chances of living a happy life are slim to none.

Drug addicts tend to spend hours upon hours into their addiction.  Even when one is not actively under the influence they are still in the using mindset. Addiction is a very isolating sickness and it can be very difficult to recognize that someone has a problem.  It is a sad existence and only an addict knows what it is like to be constantly thinking about drugs or alcohol and all the problems that go with it.

But as one former addict put it, “if i had just stopped I would have saved  myself a ton of money not to mention all of the grief caused by my addiction”.  Unfortunately, stopping is not that easy.  This is why it is so often necessary for a someone to seek treatment for their problem.  Trying to quit on one’s own rarely seems to work in the long term. A recent article discusses the challenges of addiction and how recovery begins the new journey of hope.

VA Alcohol Rehab: Get Help Before You It’s Too Late!

So, if you want to stop drinking or drugging and put an end to this way of life then seek help.  If you choose an in patient program, Alcoholics Anonymous (or other 12 step program), or some other form of treatment you can beat this terrible disease.  Addiction is a serious issue that requires serious work in order to  overcome such a deadly illness.

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VA Alcohol Rehab: Get Help!


VA Alcohol Rehab: Get Help
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