VA Treatment for Alcoholism and the One day at a Time Concept.

While in treatment this former patient learned a new concept.  Living one day at a time.  For so long she always had thought about quitting drinking.  But quitting forever was inconceivable.  The rehab center pointed out to her that she didn’t have to quit forever.  She just had to focus on stopping for one day.

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VA Treatment for Alcoholism could have prevented such drunkenness back in the day.

The idea appealed to her and seemed to make the struggle to stop drinking a little more achievable.  This forever business was just too overwhelming.  Furthermore, she learned that it’s good practice to sometimes break the day in half.  For instance, make a goal to not drink for half the day and if needed break it down into a quarter day, etc. Some people need to go as far as taking it hour by hour.  Whatever approach you take, meeting these goals will add up to another day of sobriety.

Try Living One Day at a Time!

Applying the one day at a time concept to other areas of life can also reduce anxiety.  So, one might be worrying about a number of issues such as when will my family trust me again or when will I land the ideal job.  A common analogy is that if you walk five miles into the woods it will take you fives miles to walk back out.  In other words, it will take time for things to get better.  Alcoholism takes a toll on the human spirit and is something that happened over a period of time.  If you take life day by day things will slowly improve.  You will gain back the trust from your family and other doors will open for you.  Life will be meaningful!  Before long those days will add up to weeks, months and so forth.

A recent article tells of the misfortunes of alcoholism and how abstinence can lead to a much more fulfilling life.  This former patient practiced the one day at a time notion and has reaped many rewards as a result.  She now has meaningful employment and has earned the trust of her family back.  Not to mention, achieving over three years of continuous sobriety!



VA Treatment for Alcoholism and The One Day at a Time Concept
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