Checking out the various Virginia Addiction Treatment Centers could help you avoid jail for the last time.  One former patient served some jail time during his drinking days.  Now he has been clean and sober for over 15 years and has never been in serious trouble with the law during that time (with the exception of a few speeding tickets).

Getting arrested was the most humiliating thing to endure.  The first time he was arrested, it was for a DUI.   His license was suspended for months.  No driving for this guy and shortly thereafter he would spiral into a tailspin of drug and alcohol blackouts.  These blackouts would result in more arrests.  Drunken disorderly charges were the usual suspect.  Then of course, he would then spend more time locked away.  He never really put it together that every time he got put in jail it was a direct result of his addiction.  He always chalked it up to bad luck and it was never his fault.  Unfortunately, he did not learn from these mistakes.

Virginia Addiction Treatment Centers: Avoid Jail


Virginia Addiction Treatment Centers: Avoid Jail, Get Clean

Alcatraz Prison was the home to many drug and alcohol addicted criminals.

The jail time experiences just fueled his addiction.  One might think it would put an end to his drinking career.  But it just wasn’t the case for him and many others. A recent story explains the epidemic of addiction and how arresting people will not cure the problem.  So what cured the problem for this admitted addict?  He investigated some of the Virginia Addiction Treatment Centers .  He settled on one, Williamsville Wellness in Hanover, Virginia.  There he got the treatment he needed to finally “arrest” or stop his disease.

He can now travel the roads free of worry of being pulled over for another DUI.  No more blackouts either.  He now is very conscious of his choices and thinks rationally thus avoiding anything that would be cause for arrest.  He attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings regularly, has a sponsor and is working the steps.  His life is much better!

Virginia Addiction Treatment Centers: Avoid Jail
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