Let’s think about eating real and whole foods verses junk food as running a marathon.  If we had the fresh vegetables, fruit, and other healthy foods go against the pieces of cake or the chips who do you think would win? Well, the junk food might start off winning but in the end the healthy food team would prevail!  Williamsville Wellness, a Virginia Drug Treatment program, will educate patients about eating better because it is an important part of recovery.  So, how do we know that we are eating healthy and do we have to cut out all junk food?

As far as cutting out ALL junk food, it probably isn’t a realistic goal for many.  But to cut back and watch what we are eating is a reasonable goal.  For a person to understand what is healthy eating there are questions he or she can ask themselves.  Thus, the next time you are at the grocery store you can ask yourself several things about what you are buying.  A recent article discusses the benefits of healthy eating.

The first question to ask is; is the product part or whole that you are purchasing?  For instance, orange juice would be a part of the fruit and an orange would be the whole fruit.  The orange would have all the nutrients and fiber, etc. But the orange juice would be missing that and not to mention probably things added such as sugar.  Next you will want to ask yourself can you imagine it growing?  So, candy bars and chips do not grow on trees or bushes.  If it doesn’t grow on these avoid it when possible.  Also, you can ask yourself how many ingredients does the product have in it?  Five ingredients or less is a general goal.  Believe it or not if you pick up a loaf of bread there could be are over 40 ingredients in it!  Remember five or less is the goal.

Food that Grows or that Has Been Caught in the Wild is Healthy Food!

A few other questions you can ask yourself are can I pronounce it and what has been done to it since being picked or harvested?  Usually if you can’t pronounce it you don’t want it going into your body.  Many times after a food has been picked or harvested the life of the food has been removed.  In other words all the nutrients and energy have been taken out and this is not healthy.

Virginia Drug Treatment, Eating Real and Whole Foods, healthy eating

Virginia Drug Treatment and Eating Real & Whole Foods will make a difference in your health and recovery!

So a person does not have to ditch ALL of the junk food the next time they shop?  No, but he or she can certainly take the time to ask these important questions to ensure they are eating healthier.  Don’t forget, eating real and whole foods is the name of the game.  If you make some changes to your shopping habits you will improve your overall health.  Try it the next time you are out!  Then you will see how much better you feel in recovery.


Virginia Drug Treatment and Eating Real & Whole Foods
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