I’m Bob Cabaniss the owner of Williamsville Wellness. I talk to everyone who is seeking help for their addiction. As a recovering alcoholic and compulsive gambler I can relate to the problems of the addict and loved ones that are trying to help.

Last night I received a phone call from a patient that went through treatment about a year ago. It was around 10 PM, ask how many owners give their cell phone to ex-patients. This shows the commitment that Williamsville has. I am not the only one who gives ex-patients access to help after they leave treatment. I talked to this woman for over an hour and tried to help her through a tough time.

Mrs. H had slipped that day and wanted to know why and how to regain her recovery. One problem that she had was that she was reading every book she could on her addiction. Her addiction was still part of her life. Certain patients can gain by learning and reading books about their addiction but most should not do this reading after they have left treatment.

The goal is to leave your addiction at Williamsville and continue on your road to recovery when you leave. Mrs. H asked if it would be alright if she called in a month, I said to call anytime but I put her on my calendar to call on February 5th in case she doesn’t.

Williamsville is a small treatment center and we treat every patient as a part of the Williamsville Family. Some come back for one of our 12 step meetings or come for a week-end to go to the Roundhouse meeting on Sunday.

Call Williamsville and you will talk to me and other members of the staff so that you can understand our unique method of treatment.

Bob Cabaniss

We Treat You Like Family
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