In a secluded Virginia manor house, Williamsville Wellness provides an integrated approach to the process of recovery from alcohol addiction and compulsive gambling that goes beyond the traditional 12-step process. Our onsite staff offers a respected clinical psychiatrist, psychologists, counselors, an addiction/relapse therapist, a physical fitness trainer and two peer counselors, complemented by specialists who conduct hypnosis, deep clinical massage, and personalized art therapy.

Founder and Executive Director Robert W. Cabaniss Jr. Executive established Williamsville Wellness on the site of his ancestral home after his own recovery from both addictions. Our experience has shown us that the most successful approach to helping compulsive behaviors is through an individualized treatment plan, one-on-one therapy, and family involvement.

Our therapy is specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual client. For this reason alone, many of our clients travel from around the country and the world to receive the help they need. Combined with therapy for the client’s family, educational groups, and either Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous meetings and aftercare, we find that our approach creates a treatment regimen that offers the best chance for recovery.

As many addictions are symptomatic of an underlying problem, this intimate approach allows the client to share the deep and potentially painful events that led to an existence of isolation, boredom and loneliness. For many, seeking relief through drinking or gambling helped in the beginning, but eventually led to these addictions, fraught with the many new problems brought on by this insidious psychiatric disorder.

The typical length of the program is four weeks, but those with prior mental health counseling may find that three weeks is sufficient. Others, who may be suffering from severe depression, suicidal thoughts, additional addictions or yet-undiagnosed psychiatric disorders may find that more time spent in treatment is necessary for long-term success.

We limit the number of patients to eight at our Williamsville manor house. This bucolic setting allows for clients to interact more readily, finding additional support as their recovery continues. The size of the center also allows for ongoing support through individual and family therapy sessions.

Welcome to Williamsville Wellness
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