Al-Anon is a program for those families and friends who have been affected by someone else’s alcoholism.  It is basically a support group to help people cope and learn how to manage life.  Many people have found that Al-Anon has provided them with the tools to live a happy life.  So, Al-Anon meetings give people a chance to connect with others.  This connection allows people to relate to each other and build support throughout their daily lives.

Alcoholics can cause a lot of damage to family and friends.  A recent article discusses what alcoholism is and some of the signs and symptoms of it.  The article also describes how it is diagnosed, the complications of alcoholism, as well as treatment options.  But, not all alcoholics are ready to stop and want treatment.  The wonderful thing is that Al-Anon will help those families and friends whether their loved one has stopped drinking or not.  The program will help people will gain back control of their lives.  Then, they will start enjoying themselves again.

The program is an anonymous program which is one of their basic principles.  Therefore, if you attend no one shall disclose that you were at a meeting.  It is very much like alcoholics anonymous in that what is said in the meetings is kept confidential.  If you decide to go to a meeting you do not have to say your name or say anything at all.  Hence, just sit and listen if you choose.  In addition, the program is free and you do not need an appointment to attend.  Just go to one of their meetings.  You can find a meeting by going on-line or by calling 1-888-4AL-ANON (1-888-425-2666).

Many People Have Found that Al-Anon Has Provided Them with the Tools to Live a Happy Life!

So, if you need help dealing with a loved one’s drinking, Al-Anon is one of the most widely used forms of support. There are many members who are willing to lend a hand to you.  They will guide you to living a new way of life!

What is The Al-Anon Program?
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