Many people think that alcohol abuse and alcoholism are the same. This information is not based on alcoholism facts, alcohol abuse facts, or about alcohol facts. Indeed, though both alcohol abuse and alcoholism are similar in that both point to the unfortunate connection that exists between abuse and alcohol, alcohol abuse, unlike alcoholism, does not include the loss of control due to drinking, physical dependence, or an extremely strong craving for alcohol.

Definition of Alcohol Abuse. Alcohol abuse is defined as a pattern of drinking that results in one or more of the following circumstances in a twelve-month time frame:

*Drinking in situations that can result in physical injury such as operating machinery.

*Continued drinking in spite of ongoing relationship problems that are the result of drinking.

*Failure to attend to important responsibilities at home, work, or school.

*Experiencing recurring alcohol-related legal problems. Examples include getting arrested for damaging someone’s property, receiving a DUI, or for physically hurting someone while drunk.

An intelligent way of looking at the components that make up the definition of alcohol abuse is this: when a person exhibits problems in any or all of these areas, consider this information as alcohol abuse signs. That is, the manifestation of any or all of these issues is often a red flag that the person is engaging in abusive drinking.

What is Alcohol Abuse?
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