Finding the right treatment program for you or your loved one is not an easy task. Treatment centers differ in many ways, whether it is their treatment methods, the facility itself, or even just the food that is provided.

Addiction is a life or death disease. Given this, settling on a treatment center that does not meet the prospective patient’s qualifications (as long as they’re realistic!) is no small matter. The more a treatment center aligns with a patient’s desires, the more they can focus on their recovery. For example, someone with social anxiety is not going to be best suited for a program that consists of mainly group therapy sessions. Similarly, if taking nature walks is how you deal with stress, you might not want to go to a facility located in a city. These sorts of things definitely need to be considered to most effectively weigh the pros and cons of each facility you look into.

Commonly, patients wish to seek treatment at rehabilitation facilities located near where they live. This is beneficial for the patient because it allows for on-site therapy sessions instead of teletherapy. For family and friends, it can cut down on traveling time and expenses. Finally, it benefits both the patient and their loved ones by making it easier to have face-to-face visits; the feeling of a hug is always better than the ring of a FaceTime call.

For people suffering from alcohol, substance, or gambling addiction in Mechanicsville, Virginia, Williamsville Wellness Center is a great option. Williamsville Wellness Center is located in Hanover County right off of Studley Road. For those living in Hanover, the location is extremely convenient. Similarly, those living in Richmond, Henrico, or Chesterfield, Virginia, are also within a reasonable distance of Williamsville Wellness. If you are not sure how far away you are from Williamsville Wellness, you can type in your address here and find out.

Proximity aside, Williamsville Wellness is located on 400 acres of land. The scenery is stunning, with gardens, a caboose, a gazebo, and even a lake to fish in. Treatment and boarding take place inside of a historic landmark home that has been restored to include modern amenities. The environment is a testament to the fact that beauty can indeed come from hard work and restoration.

Finding a rehab that has a treatment method that aligns with your needs is an extremely important factor. At Williamsville Wellness, your treatment consists of more 1-on-1 therapy than any other rehabilitation center in the country. Group sessions supplement these individual sessions as well. These therapy sessions include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy, and more. Overall, Williamsville Wellness aims for individualized, holistic therapy. The comprehensive nature allows patients to be exposed to a variety of different approaches, while the 1-on-1 therapy makes it easy to focus on what works best for the patient, and scrap what doesn’t. Finally, due to our extensive 1-on-1 therapy, we are a prime option for patients that do not thrive in group therapy sessions.

The food options at a residential treatment program may not strike some people as all that important when considering what treatment center to go to. However, as previously mentioned, being able to focus on recovery is paramount. Addiction treatment is not easy. Thus, having the energy to get the work done is an absolute necessity. At Williamsville Wellness Center, we have professional chefs on-site to prepare a variety of lunches and dinners. These meals keep dietary restrictions and preferences (such as vegan or kosher) in mind. We also have a kitchen stocked with easy-to-prepare foods like cereals, protein bars, fruit, etc. for breakfasts, snacks, or meal replacements. As such, even the pickiest of eaters won’t find themselves with stomachs louder than their thoughts.

With our focus on overall wellness, it makes sense we also have a gym on-site as well. Exercise perhaps might have been an afterthought during active addiction. In this case, it can sometimes be difficult to initiate a routine. While regular gym attendance is scheduled in the mornings, the on-site gym is available for patients during their free time.

Whether you’re looking for holistic addiction treatment centers in Hanover, Virginia, or you’re just looking for a facility that doesn’t skimp on food-quality, Williamsville Wellness can meet your needs. Find out if Williamsville Wellness Center is right for you or your loved one. Call 804-559-9959 today.



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