Gamblers Anonymous – 12 Steps

Is a Gambling Addiction too Strong to Cure?  Gambling addiction is like social cancer.  It permeates the units of families, breaks the ties, and destroys the very fabric of society.  It seems impossible to cure if not for the Gamblers Anonymous hotline that provides ongoing support to patients. The Gamblers Anonymous, specifically, is a group of men and women who share their experiences when they were still into gambling. The aim of this fellowship is to help other patients recover and provide strength and a helping hand when necessary.

Compulsive gambling is a serious condition. It can start with something seemingly harmless, such as taking a few gambling risks just for fun. However, this slowly escalates into a bigger problem once the gambler becomes preoccupied with it.  Then he begins spending less time with his family and friends so he could attend to his urges. Gambling can become uncontrollable and could even result to extreme behavioral changes in a person.

This is where the Gamblers Anonymous hotline becomes beneficial. As part of our 28-Day Transitional Program at Williamsville Wellness, we provide the patient three-hour sessions, including talks with partners or family members at home or in the treatment facility.

We also conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s history of gambling addiction, which we use as our basis for deciding the appropriate treatment for the person. We also introduce our patient to the 12 Steps Recovery Program facilitated by the Gamblers Anonymous hotline. This program is actually founded on ancient spiritual principles to ensure holistic treatment. As indicated in most medical journals, gambling addiction must be treated through the synergy of medication and professional counseling.

Gamblers Anonymous Hotline,williamsville Wellness

Gamblers Anonymous Hotline

At Williamsville Wellness, we implement the 12-Step program so that recovery starts from a change in oneself, and not as an external treatment. The steps are as follows:

1. The patient will be asked to acknowledge that he is powerless over gambling. This act of surrender releases the patient from the burden of trying to control what he cannot.

2. They come to terms that they cannot do it alone, and must seek a power greater than themselves. (Keep in mind that there are secular steps as well if you are not religious).

3. The patient entrusts their recovery to a higher power.

4. The patient will assess themselves in terms of their moral actions and what they have done with their finances in order to satiate the gambling urges.

5. They finally admit their shortcomings.

6. The patient becomes willing to change their ways.

7. They humbly ask the higher power to help him rectify his ways.

8. The patient lists the people they have harmed – whether physically or emotionally – and shares ways they can fix what happened.

9. They makes amends with the people they have hurt.

10. The patient keeps on making a personal inventory and lists ways to improve themselves and their shortcomings.

11. Patients undergo meditation and prayer.

12. The patients make a constant affirmation to apply these principles to all the events in their lives.

Call Williamsville Wellness as our Gamblers Anonymous hotline is Here to Help You!

For some medical experts, gambling addiction may be too difficult to cure, but at Williamsville Wellness, we believe that our intensive programs are in line with the principles implemented by the Gamblers Anonymous hotline; thus, our patients emerge from the facility as happy individuals, all ready to start anew.