Compulsive Gambling Treatment – GA Affiliated

If You Need Gamblers Anonymous, You Need Williamsville Wellness.

We are Williamsville Wellness, the premier residential treatment facility in the nation. Call us today at 877-559-9355. We are not directly affiliated with Gamblers Anonymous, although we do borrow from that twelve-step program in our comprehensive, individualized treatment model.

The professional staff at Williamsville Wellness designs therapy programs to conform to the distinctive needs of each individual resident. Our emphasis on one-on-one therapy with a strong family involvement, focuses on your particular circumstances to determine the roots of your behavior and offer real gambling addiction help to you and your family.

If you’ve made the decision to seek out Gamblers Anonymous, you are to be commended and congratulated. Treatment may be called for. We are here to answer your questions about compulsive gambling, conducting an intervention, ensuring proper evaluation and making full use of our proven and refined program.

Call 877-559-9355 any time, and begin the conversation. We Know Gambling Problems From Every Angle.

Bob Cabaniss, founder, and many of our doctors and therapists are themselves recovered addicts, so we understand gambling addiction and how to provide total, individualized recovery treatment. Our residential team knows close-up what a gambling intervention can be like, how to benefit from a gambling intervention, and how to treat compulsive gambling.

Twelve-Step Meetings

Our therapists encourage clients to delve into the twelve-step philosophy of Gamblers Anonymous as it pertains to compulsive or pathological gambling addiction, including the purpose of a gambling intervention. Every resident participates in a minimum of two twelve-step meetings per week.

The Comprehensive Program

The Twelve-Step Program of Gamblers Anonymous and similar outreach organizations is a small component of our overall treatment strategy. We judiciously integrate individual psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy and wellness issues into our tailored program. We provide you or your loved one with the critical tools for attaining and living with abstinence and recovery.

Confidential Testing

Confidential testing identifies the psychological traits of patients who need gambling addiction help or gambling intervention. We use every tool possible to help you understand the core issues leading to uncontrollable addiction, and how they can be changed for the better.

Have the Family Over

A two-day family program is highly recommended when the second week of treatment has been completed. This time gives your family the opportunity to learn about your gambling problem, how it has affected their lives, and the invaluable role they can play as they love and support you through your recovery.


When you or your loved one must seek gambling addiction therapy to achieve and maintain long-term recovery, our compassionate and experienced staff is here to support you.

Call us, any time of the day or night, at 877-559-9355. Just like Gamblers Anonymous, we are here for you when you are prepared to return to health and life, and we are ready, able and willing to discuss each of your questions or concerns.