Gambling Addiction Causes

The Causes of Gambling Addiction

When a gambling addict phones the gamblers hotline, they are immediately responded to. Either they are given emotional support or they are recommended to a treatment facility for quick recovery. Gambling can be treated, though it could take time for some individuals. A more interesting matter, however, rests on why people become addicted to gambling.

The causes of gambling addiction can be classified as psychological, spiritual, biological, and socio-cultural. These are also inter-related, and you could find that compulsive gambling could actually have resulted to each of these four main causes.

People resort to gambling, and thus end up calling the gamblers hotline, for a number of psychological reasons. One, it releases tension. A person who is so burdened by work could easily find relaxation in gambling. Games also make people feel pleasant, especially if they win. They also think that gambling keeps them occupied and does not allow them to become bored.

On the other hand, the spiritual cause of gambling addiction is a kind of disconnect between the person and their higher power. This is why in the 12-Step Recovery Program of Gambling Anonymous, a huge part of the steps pertain to the acknowledgement and acceptance of a higher and more powerful being, who could free them from their addiction. Another way of looking at this theory is that money has become their lord, and the gambling addict thinks he cannot survive without getting his winnings.

As for biological causes, some people were born with compulsive complexes that make them do things even when they consciously don’t want to. For example, they are aware that gambling too much is bad, but they just can’t seem to control themselves from playing or spending their money on gambling risks.

Gambling can also be caused by one’s culture. Your environment accounts for what you are, and if you were born to a culture that legitimizes gambling, then your chances of gambling and becoming addicted to it are higher.

Despite these causes, there are ways to overcome gambling addiction. In every state there is a gamblers hotline, which is easily accessible and whose staff are accommodating. If you know someone who needs immediate help or counseling, you could phone a gamblers hotline and check out the various programs and support groups that would help your loved one recover from his struggle.

On the other hand, a gamblers hotline is just one of the many ways to help a patient. You could also call Williamsville Wellness for treatments suitable for the patient. We would gladly conduct an assessment of the patient and provide accurate diagnosis of his condition. We also have 20 to 24 three-hour sessions for the patient’s quick recovery.

We also take pride in the wonderful professionals who give counsel to the patients. As much as possible, we make our patients feel relaxed and encourage them to entrust their recovery to a greater being.

Support groups from Gamblers Anonymous also pay visits to talk to the patients and share their experiences with them. The core principle of our wellness center is rooted on safe recovery. If you know someone who needs help, call our gamblers hotline and we will be willing to target the problem right at the cause.