Gambling Addiction Urges and Counseling

Gambling addiction counseling is the most relied on form of treatment for patients suffering from a gambling addiction.

Counseling, according to the dictionary, is the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional. It means giving professional psychological advice to someone in need of such. For gambling addiction, counseling specifically means somewhere safe and private wherein patients are able to share about what is happening with their lives without the fear of being judged.

During gambling addiction counseling, patients will be asked to talk about the root of their gambling addiction.  Also, patients will be encouraged to discuss when and how it all started and why they keep on doing it. Lastly, they will be asked to identify what triggers them to do it.

It helps to learn more about these things especially if a loved one is already suffering from this addiction. After all, when dealt with creatively, the problem could be handled in a much more effective way.

Gambling Addiction Counseling

Gambling Addiction Counseling: Get help Today!

Here is a list of some factors that can trigger a gambling addict’s urge to gamble:

1. Money
A person who has money and the financial capability to spend will be triggered to gamble.  The same is true for someone who has financial worries with rising debts and loans.

2. Mood
Whether someone is happy and thrilled when motivated to gamble, depressed and lonely, or even feeling bored and restless, different moods are also known to be one of the most triggering occurrences.

3. Access
Passing through places where gambling is made available will definitely trigger the urge to do so. For example, having access to casinos or staying in luxurious hotels with casinos will not help. This include groups of friends who tolerate the behavior of a gambling addict.

4. Time
The usual Friday night out with friends may lead to a night of gambling and may continue to be every Friday. Having free time can also trigger this addiction.

Aside from the help family members can lend by limiting these factors that trigger the urge to gamble, patients must certainly go through several treatments focusing on different matters to assist them in regaining their life back in the right track. Various treatments include psychotherapy, support groups, intensive outpatient programs, residential treatment centers, and using medications like different anti-depressants and mood stabilizers.

Counseling: Not Exclusive to Patients

But Williamsville Wellness’ approach is specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual patient. We offer a combination of known and proven effective counseling and therapy treatments.  Some examples are evidence-based psychotherapy approaches that include cognitive behavioral therapy along with group therapy,family therapy, and peer counseling.  We also utilize the twelve-step process through Gambler’s Anonymous and  SMART recovery,

Alongside these commonly used treatments are newer and other pioneering therapies like art therapy through a variety of mediums (such as painting, sculpting, woodwork, etc.), mindfulness coaching, hypnotherapy, and massage therapy.  Still others include anger management, psychological testing and cognitive testing, Worthwhile activities are also offered in addition to the gambling addiction counseling and treatment such as yoga, exercise, nutrition, life skills, and recreational activity therapy.