Comprehensive Gambling Program

Williamsville Wellness is dedicated to a personalized treatment gambling program designed for the client. We understand that each case comes with unique circumstances, requiring a different approach to realize an effective gambling therapy. We believe that underlying issues cause people to compulsively gamble.  In addition,  a person needs to try to understand where one’s addiction comes from and how to resolve those issues. This will be a critical task to complete and will ensure a successful recovery from a gambling addiction.

Our focus rests on treating the whole person. We have a team of licensed or certified professionals to help patients to do just that. The team will help them rediscover their mental and physical well-being when they start their gambling addiction treatment program. Our staff includes physicians, consulting psychiatrists, psychologists, and addiction specialists (gambling, alcohol, and other drugs). Additionally, we have counselors, social workers, art therapists, personal trainers, life coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists and resident managers. We also have a chef who prepares meals daily. The mission of Williamsville is to provide our clients with the very best gambling addiction help imaginable.  Therefore we have a 1:1 ratio of therapists to patients found under our roof. We offer gambling addiction treatment options that are incomparable in our field.

Some of our therapists have been lucky enough to find recovery themselves.  They can understand the many difficulties people face when trying to find gambling addiction help that works for them. We are sympathetic to how things can seem insurmountable to the obstacles each person is facing.  This is why we provide different gambling addiction treatment options to best suit the unique needs of the individual.

Our Gambling Program is designed to assess the problems at hand, and devise a plan for the future that can realize the person you hope to find within yourself again.  Compulsive gambling can lead to unwanted areas of darkness in life for some people. Our Gambling Program starts with sessions that focus on the root of the addiction, particularly its severity and potential triggers. We then conduct mental health screening, psychological testing, and accurate mental health diagnoses.  These are all completed before creating an individualized recovery plan for the client.

Comprehensive Gambling Program,help addiction

Our Comprehensive Gambling Program will help you conquer your addiction!

We then educate patients on addiction and its effects on the brain and body.  Additionally, we focus on the signs of co-dependency and how to smartly overcome them. Shortly thereafter, the client will transition towards active counseling in individual and group sessions.  Our highly qualified staff will give assignments based on these sessions. Meanwhile, clients will begin to examine the psychological aspects of addiction with their therapists.  This will help them to better understand and address their various needs.  For instance, needs such as stress, communication, coping styles, and anger management will be worked on.   Additionally, they will focus on the exploration of change and finding the motivation to start making these changes.

Our staff is dedicated to turning the whole person around when it comes to the client. We will focus on their physical well-being too. Specialists will examine medication intake and/or administer proper medications.  Staff will also conduct yoga, exercise routines and will set-up massage sessions. The clients will be advised on proper nutritional needs and how best to take care of one’s overall bodily health. In addition, we will discuss financial issues.  We will work on how to address concerns pertaining to legal matters, budgeting, and discrepancies with one’s credit.

The Gambling Program at Williamsville Wellness is unmatched in its field!

At the completion of our program our staff will create a written focal evaluation and aftercare plan for the client. There will be more help available to address more severe cases that require more time.  We will resolve areas of assessment through further psychological testing, management of medical and mental health issues. This will give clients a chance to put their aftercare plan in place prior to leaving.

For clients with co-occurring addiction, we offer our 30-Day Program.  This will give patients the option to fully master their aftercare plan.  This will best ensure success once they have left Williamsville. The length of treatment depends on the patient needs and goals.

Our mission at Williamsville Wellness is making comprehensive gambling therapy treatment options available to all suffering from gambling dependency. We believe everyone deserves the chance to stop using and start living! The first steps towards a new beginning can be brought to light at Williamsville Wellness.