Are Gambling Helplines Beneficial to Patients?

Out of all the treatments for compulsive gambling, you might start asking yourself if these are legitimate, especially a gambling helpline. Just how helpful are gambling hotlines that patients are encouraged to dial and ask for assistance?

A person who is struggling with compulsive gambling should consider calling a gambling helpline so that he would get immediate support. Those who want to be part of a group such as Gamblers Anonymous are also the intended clientele (or patients) of a gambling helpline. Aside from providing speedy assistance, they would also be happy to recommend you to a treatment facility such as Williamsville Wellness so that you’ll get the right treatment and recover faster.

These hotlines and organizations work hand-in-hand with wellness centers to help you get back on track. Gambling can be difficult to treat, most especially if you attempt to do it on your own. You would be surprised to learn that you actually need a support group so you could share your experiences with them. These people from Gamblers Anonymous have also been in the same situation, and they turned to their fellow patients for help and moral support. As you spend your time in the facility and away from your family, your support group will be one of your sources of encouragement and inspiration.

However, reaching the gambling helpline isn’t the be-all and end-all of the process. The patient’s recovery will have to start from an initiative from one of his family members, and also from his willingness to be treated. Suffice it to say, hotlines are your bridge to treatment facilities. The patient still needs to undergo intensive programs that may include professional counseling, one on one talk with a family member, meditation, prayer, and other activities that promote wellness.

In particular, we at Williamsville Wellness are committed to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to our patients. We know that gambling can be serious and destructive, and we are here to enlighten the patient. We have licensed counselors to conduct regular sessions, plus we have a very relaxing environment that should put the patient’s mind at ease. Our tranquil space will surely encourage the patients to conduct honest self-inventories.

Likewise, we acknowledge that people have various degrees of gambling addiction. Thus, we conduct thorough screenings of our patients, including their past records and history of gambling addiction. Our recovery programs are also individualized. That is, each plan is carefully tailored to a patient’s case.

Part of our recovery programs is also providing online support 24/7 through our gambling helpline. This is our way of showing our utmost commitment to changing lives. We aren’t only always available, but our programs are rooted on sound practices and spiritual principles. Our approach is very holistic and we really focus on what triggers the addiction. We also conduct sessions over the phone, but we encourage patients to see our facilities because these are made from the highest standards and with persons in mind: our patients.

Indeed, a gambling helpline is beneficial for patients, but nothing also beats a wellness center designed for the holistic recovery of a patient.