Gambling Hotline

Let Us Be Your Gambling Hotline

We are Williamsville Wellness, the premier residential treatment facility in the nation – something like your gambling hotline at 877-559-9355.

We offer valuable assistance in the difficult area of intervening against a loved one’s addictive or problem gambling behaviors. Our team of experts provides solutions specific to your situation, before and after a gambling addiction intervention and in the recovery period which hopefully follows.

If you’ve made the decision to seek out a gambling hotline, then treatment is likely called for. We are here to answer your questions about compulsive gambling and conducting an intervention. We will ensure that you have proper treatment and take advantage of our comprehensive, individualized program.

The professional staff at Williamsville Wellness designs therapy programs to fit the specific needs of each client. Our emphasis is on one-on-one therapy in an individualized treatment plan.  We also have a strong family component and will focus on your unique situation.  In addition, we will help to determine the roots of your behavior and offer real gambling addiction help to you and your family.

Call our Gambling Hotline – 877-559-9355 any time. We Know Gambling Problems From All Sides.

Bob Cabaniss, founder, and many of our doctors and therapists are also themselves recovered addicts.  So we understand gambling addiction and how to provide total, individualized recovery treatment. Our residential team knows close-up what a gambling intervention can be like, how to benefit from a gambling intervention, and how to treat compulsive gambling.

The Comprehensive Program

Following a gambling intervention, we  integrate individual psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy and wellness issues into our tailored program.  We also have a strong  belief in the Twelve-Step Program. We provide you or your loved one with the tools crucial for attaining and maintaining abstinence and recovery.

Twelve-Step Meetings

Our peer counselor helps you understand the twelve-step philosophy as it pertains to compulsive or pathological gambling addiction. Every resident participates in a minimum of two twelve-step meetings per week.

Confidential Testing

Confidential testing identifies the psychological traits of patients who need gambling addiction help or a gambling intervention. We use every tool possible to help you understand the core issues leading to dependency, and how they can be altered.

The Family Program

A two-day family program is suggested after the second week of treatment, whether or not a gambling intervention has taken place. This allows your family to begin to understand your gambling addiction and  how it has impacted their lives.  In addition, the valuable role they can play as they support and love you through your recovery.


When you or your loved one must seek gambling addiction therapy to achieve and maintain long-term recovery, our compassionate and experienced staff is here to support you.

Call us, any time of the day or night, at 877-559-9355. We are here as a gambling hotline for you when you want help.  We are ready, able and willing to discuss each of your questions or concerns.