Gambling Problems: Get Treatment at Williamsville Wellness

Signs & Symptoms of Gambling Problems

You have found Williamsville Wellness, the nation’s premier residential treatment facility for individuals who are showing signs of gambling problems or symptoms of a gambling addiction.

Call us at 877-559-9355 anytime. We are here to talk with you, answering any questions you have about the signs of a gambling problem and our comprehensive, individualized program.

We recognize the signs of gambling problems because we’ve seen them before in ourselves. If you see any of these signs in yourself, you need to reach out to us.

Bob Cabaniss, our founder, and many of our doctors and therapists are themselves recovered addicts.   So we truly understand how to interpret and treat the signs of a gambling addiction. Our residential treatment team can help you determine whether the signs of a gambling addiction you are seeing constitute the complex psychiatric disorder known as compulsive gambling.

Signs of a Gambling Problem

The signs of gambling problems vary from individual to individual. But often they include using gambling as a way to escape depression, loss of job, or relationship.  In addition, other signs include gambling with increased amounts of money, lying to hide gambling activity, and re-living past gambling winnings.  Lastly, a person might experience irritability or anger when kept from gambling, gambling to recover losses or an inability to stop gambling. If you witness these signs and symptoms of a gambling addiction in yourself or a loved one, please call Williamsville Wellness.

Our Treatment Approach to The Signs of a Gambling Problem

Therapy at Williamsville Wellness is particularly designed to fit the needs of each individual client with signs of a problem gambling addiction. Our successful program employs one-on-one therapy in an individualized treatment plan with a strong family aspect. We’ll examine your unique situation to address the roots and causes of a gambling problem, and help you fix the deleterious behavior.

Ours Is a Comprehensive Program

We take advantage of a range of therapies, such as family and individual psychotherapies, hypnotherapy, art therapy and wellness concerns.  Also, we have a strong a belief in the Twelve-Step Program. We equip you or your loved one with the essential tools to identify the signs of a gambling addiction and achieve and maintain abstinence and recovery.

Beneficial Therapist-to-Resident Ratio of One-To-One

Our Residential Gambling Addiction Program lasts 3 to 5 weeks and provides you with the rare 1-to-1 therapist-to-client staffing ratio. The maximum number of residents we have in therapy at any one time is eight.

Twelve-Step Meetings

Williamsville Wellness strongly believes in the power of a twelve-step program. Our peer counselor aids you in understanding the twelve-step philosophy, its accountability, and responsibility. All of our residents engage in no fewer than two twelve-step meetings every week.

Highly Qualified and Appropriately Licensed

Our gambling addiction therapists have earned degrees, gained experience and become highly qualified. We have M.D., Ph.D., M.A. and Certified Addiction Counselor recipients on our staff. Moreover, Williamsville Wellness is fully licensed for the treatment of the signs of gambling problems by the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services.

Confidential Testing

Confidential testing identifies the psychological tendencies of our patients and how they relate to the signs of a gambling addiction. We use every technique available to help you understand the core issues leading to your dependency, and how you can effectively modify them.

The Family Program

After the second week of gambling therapy, a two-day family program is recommended. This allows your family to begin to understand your dependency on gambling.  Also, it is our hope that they will work on their own issues.  Then they will learn how they can support you best.

Our Facility, Beautiful, Quaint and Secluded

Our facility is nestled on 400 acres of inspiring Virginia countryside. It is located on a national historic landmark just north of Richmond. It has been restored for modern-day living, with amenities to help you deal your own signs of a gambling addiction. Our home is meant to be your home – so that you can start down your path of healing and recovery inside a comfortable, safe, confidential and secure environment.

Exercise and Nutrition

It is important to note that exercise and diet play important roles in therapy for any addiction, particularly gambling. Therefore, you’ll participate in your own exercise regimen and you will dine on nutritious meals prepared by our award-winning chef.


Even if you are doing the hard work of recovery, you should still experience the simple joys of having fun. That’s why we offer massage, yoga, golf and a variety of other recreational activities at Williamsville Wellness’ private country property.


Please call us at 877-559-9355 any time of the day or night. We are here for you when you are ready to stop gambling.  Moreover, we are more than happy to discuss any of your questions or concern. When you or your loved one is in need of help, our caring staff is here to provide support for you or your loved one.

Gambling Problems: Get Treatment at Williamsville Wellness,call

Gambling Problems: Get Treatment at Williamsville Wellness