Getting Alternative Funding for Gambling Addiction Treatment

Those with a gambling problem may express hesitation to join our treatment program because of financial reasons. Gambling addiction may have already drained their savings, making it difficult to pay treatment costs. Fortunately for them, money doesn’t always have to be a roadblock to their recovery.

Are you wondering how to get help for gambling addiction? Many are unaware of their options when it comes to paying for treatment.  There are two ways to find help for treatment and getting funding, namely government assisted programs and private insurance. There are plenty of ways to get help with the treatment of gambling addiction and we will explain some of the ways below. You don’t need to be alone with the fight against gambling addiction. Getting funding and assistance can help you start the gambling addiction treatment sooner rather than later and getting past the struggle of overcoming addiction.

Government Assisted Programs

Many government-assisted programs cater to those seeking treatment for compulsive gambling. People with a gambling problem may be eligible to receive grants to cover their stay in an accredited rehabilitation center.

While some programs don’t specifically help people pay for their treatment, there are others that can help shoulder utilities, medical bills, and food among other expenses that may limit available funds for treatment. This can greatly help family members struggling to make ends meet after their finances had suffered greatly due to a loved one’s condition. Through these programs, they can free up some money to help their loved one enroll in a treatment program.


Aside from government assistance programs, there are certain private insurance policies that can cover gambling addiction treatment. While not all insurance providers offer coverage for compulsive gambling treatment, some may provide coverage for the treatment of similar or co-occurring illnesses. Policy-holders can check if they have coverage for underlying problems such as depression or substance abuse, which can help pay for their treatment as part of mental health services.

After the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has reclassified gambling addiction as part of “Addictions and Related Disorders,” the number of insurance providers that offer coverage for its treatment may increase in the coming years. This can offer aid to those struggling to pay for the treatment of both gambling and other addictions.

If you are worried that you don’t have enough money to pay for your or your loved one’s treatment, there are alternative ways of getting funding that can help. Looking for money to pay for treatment should not be impossible, even if your savings have been depleted due to compulsive gambling. We at Williamsville Wellness can also provide assistance in finding the right avenues to support you or your loved one’s recovery.

Take a look at our FAQ section to learn more about our payment options or click here to find government assisted programs that can help shoulder treatment costs.