Our Programs

Williamsville Wellness has the most intense one-on-one therapy program anywhere. Our professional staff has never heard of another program that offers 15+ individual sessions a week plus 18 hours of group education, and participation in on and off-site 12-step and SMART recovery meetings every week. In most facilities, 20 hours of group sessions (some of which are recovery meetings) plus 1.5 hours of individual therapy is about the limit.
Williamsville Wellness is a historic landmark, one of the few buildings in the greater Richmond area to survive General Grant’s capture and burning of the city during the civil war. The structure was built in 1803, but has been renovated multiple times and has all the usual modern functionality and comfort while maintaining its historic feel. For example, the old caboose and trolly have been turned into therapy offices for a truly unique feel.

Wellness is about more than just therapy. 

Wellness is about more than just therapy. In order to deal, patients need to be able to relax in a peaceful environment, and process what they are feeling. This lets them understand themselves better, and be in a gives a peaceful foundation. This lets recovering addicts move back into the normal chaos of life with a real perspective on how they individually need to cope with stress in a productive manner.

The environment of Williamsville is perfect for this.

The treatment facility is located on 400 acres, mostly undeveloped woodlands. There are three active farming areas, one main facility, six smaller buildings, a pond to fish, a gym with a massage chair, music chair, and a sauna. Downtime is an important component of the healing and wellness process.

In addition to having more hours of therapy (of any of the three kinds), the value is reasonable.

We are a wellness center, and we focus on people who want to get better. Our approach does not work for everyone, and our focus is on therapy, not supervision. Even so, most full-time residents do feel micro-managed, and we try to build in relaxing “normal” things, like bowling, miniature golf, or going to a local gym four times a week in the mornings. An example of this is restricted phone access, which will be explained during intake to the program in detail, but we want to allow patients to contact their co-workers and family members. These activities are not extra; only personal items like tobacco/cigarettes, brands of soda we don’t stock, etc. have to be purchased separately. The staff makes weekly runs to accommodate these needs.
Williamsville Value A graphical chart showing the value of Williamsville Wellness