Jay Bach. Associate Clinical Director: LCSW

From an early age Jay Bach became aware of the impact of differences in perception and became interested in how perspective and world view shape our interpretations and our self-concept which then go on to shape our thoughts, choices, actions, and ultimately our failures and our successes. This insight pushed Jay to become a Therapist.

Jay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience in counseling and mentoring individuals with a variety of mental, emotional and addiction related issues. Jay completed his Masters Degree in Social work at Virginia Commonwealth University which is esteemed as one of the oldest schools of Social Work in the country.

Jay uses a focus of DBT related interventions to help you develop insight into the emotional environment in which you live your life and what exactly is holding you back from moving forward. This approach allows you to identify specific changes in thinking and world view to transcend depression, anxiety and stress to allow you to live an abundant life of joy and growth.