Kimberly Franklin – Peer Counselor, CSAC-A

A native of Virginia, Kimberly Franklin, spent many years fighting her own addictions, which began at a very early age with codependency. Several years later, she became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Even though she came into recovery in her early 20’s, she struggled with this disease, until she was able to commit to the path of clean, successful recovery. Once she experienced being freed from the bondage of addiction, she devoted her life to helping others who suffer from this malady.

Kimberly joined Williamsville Wellness in the beginning of 2017, bringing a fervent desire to help clients unveil the seeds and threads under their development of addiction, and also to assist them in identifying and unmasking what propels their addiction. This, she believes to be crucial in beginning the healing process of recovery, which gives one the ability to establish and achieve a life-long, abundant life.

Kimberly holds a CSAC-A with the Virginia Board of Counseling and serves as a Peer Counselor. She has served in prison ministries for over 20 years and holds fast to the concepts of Radical Acceptance and Spirituality, incorporating them in her work with others. She continues her education in Psychology and Human Services.