Luc Watelet. MSMHC: Therapist

Luc Watelet’s Bio: MS Mental Health Counseling (2010), Past Life therapy (2008)

Luc Watelet first got his PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1990. This gave him the opportunity to create his own study journey mainly through books at first: psychology, spiritual masters and their teachings, and traditional healers, medicine people and shamans. He had a chance to study many of his main interests from 1994 to 2010.
In 1994 he studied Reiki, Integrated Awareness (a training to strengthen one’s intuition), and yoga. He became a kundalini yoga teacher in 1996 under the supervision of a spiritual master, Yogi Bhajan. As part of the kundalini yoga teachings, he studied an ancient healing tradition called Sat Nam Rasayan (resting into the truth), Breathwalk, and numerology.
He became an ordained minister in 1995.

He was introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groening in 2002, a path for self-healing and became a community leader (2006-2019) within the Circle of Friends, a worldwide organization dedicated to the teachings of Bruno Groening.

He took the weekend training from the Mankind Project in 2003, an initiation into manhood (with a strong emphasis on being accountable and taking responsibility for one’s actions, healing the inner child and embracing the wise old man) based on Jung’s ideas and Native American traditions.
He studied the Rosen method in 2005, a healing technique developed by physical therapist Marion Rosen.
He trained with Brian Weiss in 2008 to be a past life therapist.
He got his MS in mental health counseling from Walden University in 2010.

Upon completing his degree, one of his professors suggested he writes an article based on his therapeutic approach. The article became a book he self-published in 2016 called Off Script Therapy. It is a book explaining how to heal using a mindfulness approach to therapy, drawing from scientific research, life experience, and knowledge from psychology, spiritual masters and traditional healers.

He joined Williamsville Wellness in 2019 in order to get his LPC from Virginia, and loves the team work approach to supporting people to live a life free from addictions.
Aside from studying life, Luc Watelet loves people, nature, hiking, and photography.