Stephen R. Adams, Ph.D., LPC: IOP Director

Dr. Stephen R. Adams is the Intensive Outpatient Program Director at Williamsville Wellness, and brings 17 years of experience working with and running various IOP programs in 3 different states. Originally from southwest Georgia, Dr. Adams is a licensed professional counselor and a certified rehabilitation counselor with many years of experience in substance abuse and mental health counseling. After receiving his master’s degree in rehabilitation, Stephen worked as a substance abuse and mental health counselor for several years in Laramie, Wyoming. While there, Stephen received the highest possible reviews for his work in the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of psychopathology involving substance dependence. His clinical, evaluation, diagnostic, and treatment planning skills were ranked as superior by supervising psychiatrists.

Stephen then entered the Ph.D. program in rehabilitation at Auburn University. Stephen taught several graduate-level counseling courses and functioned as a graduate teaching assistant in multiple classes. His research interests and his dissertation focused on co-occurring substance dependence, mental health conditions, and personality traits. After receiving his Ph.D. from Auburn, Dr. Adams worked for several years in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina providing substance abuse and behavioral health treatment, run substance abuse and mental health assessments, providing individual and group counseling, conducting family violence counseling and domestic abuse counseling, and working with clients with substance dependence and mental health issues in an employee assistance program. Dr. Adams also served as an IOP Director prior to moving to Richmond and joining Williamsville Wellness.

Dr. Adams utilizes a holistic and comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment and counseling, recognizing the importance of identifying and processing all contributing factors in the complex relationship between substance abuse and mental health. Dr. Adams works to assist clients in lowering their resistance to changing the deeply ingrained addictive, and otherwise negative, thought patterns and behaviors. When applicable, past trauma, unhealthy coping mechanisms, anxiety, depression, and anger are also addressed.