Positive Routine Against the Negative Cycle

Treating gambling addiction requires much effort. Well, addiction, no matter the type, is never easy to treat but is always treatable. Treating addiction will never be a problem if a person has the positive attitude leaning towards change and the support of family and friends.  Moreover, if one has the right organization and/or programs that can offer professional help then treating addiction will not be a problem.

Addiction is the condition of being dependent to a particular substance, thing or an activity. It is doing any of these things routinely with the patient’s inability to stop, unless given external help.

Gambling refers to playing games of chance for money. But getting involved with gambling will not be an issue if people who gamble do not make this a habit and responsibly limit their playing.
Now, a gambling addiction, or compulsive gambling, is a type of activity addiction that happens when the gambler can no longer control his urge to play.  This despite wanting to gamble and being fully aware of its negative consequences.

This addiction can be the root of all other problems. Aside from risking family relations and financial status, a gambler may even resort to lying, stealing.  Experts in treating gambling addiction classify sufferers into two types – escape gamblers and action gamblers. Learning more about their differences will help in treating them accordingly.

Action gamblers are known extroverts; they’re energetic, confident, egoistic, manipulative, and persuasive.  Most addicts started gambling at an early age playing simple card games with family and friends. Then after repetitiously doing so, their gambling progresses into something uncontrollable as they step into adulthood. This kind of gambler is usually drawn to play games that involves skills.  Skills such as Poker, or other card and dice games along with sports and race betting.

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Treating Gambling Addiction: Williamsville Wellness

Escape gamblers, on the other hand, are almost the complete opposite of action gamblers, personality-wise. They are normal people who have no indications of egoism. These types of gamblers, however, are commonly suffering from depression and are looking for ways to relieve themselves and escape from their problems. During the first few times, they are convinced that they’re only doing so for recreation.  But because of the thrill that conceals the feeling of depression gambling offers, they hold on to it until it escalates into something more like a destructive habit. Escape gamblers generally enjoy playing slot machines, bingo and the like and would not stop for fear of depression creeping into them once again.

Try a Positive Routine Against the Negative Cycle in Treating Gambling Addiction!

In treating this kind of addiction, it pays to seek help from someone who has been in the same footing.   Someone who knows exactly how it feels to be detrimentally addicted to gambling.

Fortunately, Williamsville Wellness offers programs for treating a gambling addiction with a touch of realism based on a firsthand experience.  Our founder Robert W. Cabaniss Jr., who was also once an addict, now, has a most noble goal of helping other patients get back on their feet and completely get gambling out of their system. Start treating gambling addiction by calling our confidential helpline (877 559 9355).