Targeting the Heart, Mind and Body

Williamsville Wellness is a facility that offers treatment for gambling addiction.  We use a holistic and individualized approach to achieve recovery. Our gambling addiction treatment plan targets the mind, body and heart. This way we can ensure that every part of your being gets rid of this addiction for good.

Our treatment for gambling addiction includes education, psychological testing and in depth study of how gambling is affecting your life. This will address how gambling addiction is rooted in the mind, and what triggers it. We delve into issues you might not have been able to talk about in the past with your loved ones.  We conduct 3 hour therapy sessions to let you talk about what’s going through your mind and why you gamble.  Also we provide you education about how to recover from your gambling addiction.  This is done through programs such as the 12 Steps of Gambler’s Anonymous and SMART Recovery.

The second target of our treatment for gambling addiction is your body. When you gamble incessantly, your sole focus is on gambling. You neglect your family, your health, your job and all the other important things in your life.  Williamsville Wellness believes that one way to get you back on track is to take your focus away from gambling.  We channel your focus into a more productive use of your time. We believe that you should work on your physical health and well-being.  This is an important part of our treatment for a  gambling addition. We focus on making you feel better about yourself.  We do this through exercise and proper nutrition. Exercise releases endorphins which are known as the body’s very own happiness trigger.  You are reminded that there are better things to do in your life other than that destructive game when your focus shifts from gambling,.

Treatment for Gambling Addiction

The most important target of our treatment for a gambling addition is the heart. This is important because not only does it focus in getting your heart set into recovering from your addiction but also to get you and your loved ones reconnected again. In addition, we offer family counseling and group therapy to help you and your family understand each other better.  Moreover, we want to get your family involved in your recovery plan once you have completed our program. We offer either the 21 or the 28 day treatment for a gambling addiction.

You will have activities centered on helping you communicate and regulate emotions such as anger.  This will help your family understand why you resorted to gambling in the first place. The feeling of reconnecting to your family will help you realize that not all is lost and that they love you no matter what.

Treatment for Gambling Addiction, help

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Each target of the treatment for a gambling addition makes up what we feel is the holistic approach to your wellness. We address the mind, body and heart.  This will get rid of a gambling addition permanently.  We believe that focusing on these three aspects in the treatment for gambling addiction will make your recovery faster. Our program is much more effective than other traditional methods of recovery.