Addiction Treatment

Our Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Williamsville Wellness is one of the best places to get addiction treatment in Virginia. Our peaceful facilities and holistic approach have made over 70% of our patients forget about their addictions and get their lives back on track.

When gambling addiction strikes, the consequences could be catastrophic. A person could lose their job, their family, and everything they have worked hard for. They could alienate the people who love them the most. This causes the person to get even more addicted to gambling all the while racking up even more debt.

Williamsville Wellness could help you, or your loved one, with your gambling addiction using our holistic approach to treatment. Our approach involves counseling, group therapy, a focus on physical health, and planning for the future. We offer individualized addiction treatment because we know that each case of gambling addiction is different from one another and that each case would require different levels of approach to wellness.

The patients that come to our facilities have different gambling addiction levels and histories. When a patient comes to us for help, we assess the extent of his addiction and then we recommend what program he should go through. We offer 21 and 28-day wellness treatment for addiction and each one is tailor-made for each patient. Each addiction treatment program’s goal is to stop you or your loved one from gambling again.

Once we have assessed the extent of your gambling addiction, we create programs that include psychological testing, therapy, education, and physical training. Each activity is geared towards getting you to open up and address your gambling addiction head on. We want to make you see how it is destroying your life and how you can get it back together. We also include family sessions as part of your plan, especially if this is something that you and your family need. We want you to reconnect and find ways as a family to get over your gambling addiction.

Our addiction treatments follow sets of activities all geared towards you or your loved ones active recovery from gambling addiction. One of the things that help take away your focus on gambling addiction is through physical exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition. When you focus on these areas in your life, we believe you can curb your gambling addiction because of the positive energies that these activities release. That is why we include these types of extracurriculars in our gambling addiction treatment. However, each patient responds differently to each addiction treatment so as we go along, we adjust and fine tune our approach to make it even more effective and individualized than before. We first get to the root of why you or your loved one is gambling and what triggers it. This lets us know how deeply rooted gambling is in the patient’s life. Some cases are mild while others have already taken a turn for the worst. We process all of this information and make a plan to ensure you have the easiest possible transition so you can start living your life again.