Remote IOP

Remote IOP is an online intensive outpatient program (IOP) to treat moderate substance abuse and addiction problems.

In-network with most major insurance providers!

How does Remote IOP Work?

Participating in Remote IOP is easy, educational and effective.

Our programs provide a 360-degree understanding of addiction, its causes and the best ways to conquer it.

We designed the Remote IOP online substance abuse treatment program more for moderate or severe alcohol/drug use and can include mental health treatment that may accompany your substance abuse therapy.

Remote IOP requires that patients regularly attend scheduled groups that meet online 4 days a week for 3 hours per day. Our clinical staff facilitates and guides all group therapy sessions. In online group meetings, video teleconferencing enables you to see and interact with other group members. This program is heavily group-focused, and you will enjoy a sense of community with your fellow group members. You will also benefit from a weekly one-on-one counseling session with a Summit Hill therapist.

If you enjoy in-person connections and thrive in group meetings, this program is for you. Day and night groups are available and this program is designed to attend while you continue working.

Small Groups and Individual Care

Our small group sizes support you through individualized care and a comprehensive recovery care plan that you help design. We provide you with additional support through 12-step programs and Smart Recovery. We recognize that the decision to seek treatment can be a big step. We will provide you with an assessment and work with your insurance company and verify your coverage and benefits. Our IOP accepts most major insurance plans and some Medicaid plans.


Remote IOP online group therapy sessions meet on a daily schedule four days a week.

Ease of Use

Login and Attend

Daily group therapy and one weekly session with your therapist



Like all of our programs, major health insurance providers have approved Remote IOP for in-network coverage – because it has helped so many patients.