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In recent years, Adderall use has skyrocketed as more and more people struggle with untreated Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Unfortunately, this trend has had a disturbing side effect. The misuse of Adderall can lead to addiction, particularly when the drug is used to treat symptoms that are not properly diagnosed. As the risks associated with Adderall addiction become more widely known, it is essential to understanding the signs and risks of Adderall abuse.

What is Adderall Addiction?

Adderall is a prescription stimulant medication used to treat ADHD, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Its effects are also highly sought after by those looking for a quick mental and physical boost, which can lead to addiction.

Adderall addiction typically involves taking higher doses of the drug than prescribed, or using it more often than directed by a doctor. It can also involve crushing up the pills to snort or inject them, in an attempt to get a stronger “high.” Some people even combine Adderall with alcohol or other drugs, further increasing the risk of addiction and overdose.

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Causes of Adderall Abuse

There are many psychological and social factors that can lead to Adderall abuse. Some of the most common causes of Adderall addiction include:

  • Stress and anxiety: People who suffer from stress or anxiety may take Adderall as a way to “self-medicate” their symptoms and feel like they are more productive.
  • Peer pressure: Friends or acquaintances may encourage the misuse of Adderall in order to get an edge in school or at work.
  • Underlying mental health issues: Mental illness, such as depression and bipolar disorder, may lead to Adderall abuse as a means of self-medication or escape from reality.
  • Self-image: Some people take Adderall to lose weight or improve performance, which can quickly become an unhealthy obsession.

Signs of Adderall Addiction and Abuse

Adderall addiction can be difficult to spot, but there are several signs and symptoms to look out for. Symptoms of Adderall addiction include:

  • Changes in behavior: Those abusing Adderall may become aggressive or hostile. They may also display signs of depression or anxiety.
  • Financial problems: As Adderall abuse continues, people may resort to stealing money or selling their prescription to feed their addiction.
  • Sleep deprivation: Adderall use can interfere with normal sleep patterns, resulting in insomnia or daytime fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite: Chronic Adderall abuse can lead to unhealthy weight loss due to Adderall’s appetite suppression effects.
  • Increased heart rate: Those abusing Adderall may experience an increased heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Confusion and disorientation: Prolonged use of Adderall can lead to confusion, impaired concentration and cognitive deficits.
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Long-Term Effects of Adderall Addiction

Long-term Adderall use can have serious health consequences. Some of the effects of Adderall abuse include:

  • Cardiovascular Problems: Chronic use of Adderall can lead to an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and even a heart attack.
  • Liver Damage: Adderall abuse puts strain on the liver, especially when mixed with substances like alcohol, which can lead to long-term damage.
  • Toxic Psychosis: Prolonged Adderall use can lead to a psychotic break and psychosis symptoms such as hallucinations and paranoia.
  • Malnutrition: Adderall use often causes decreased hunger cues which can lead to nutritional deficiencies with prolonged abuse.
  • Seizures: Seizures are a possible side effect of long-term Adderall use due to an imbalance in neurotransmitters.

Treatment for Adderall Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to Adderall, there are treatment options available. Williamsville Wellness is an Adderall addiction treatment center near Richmond, VA located on a scenic 400+ acre property. We offer both residential and online outpatient programs to help with your Adderall addiction recovery.

We focus on treating the root cause of the addiction through individual and group therapy sessions as well as holistic activities like mindfulness and fitness. We also provide treatment for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression.

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