The Most Comprehensive Residential Center in the United States for Gambling Addiction Treatment.

These two words in our license to treat speak to the quality of the care and expertise of the staff. Virginia recognizes that Gambling Addiction is a specific area of expertise offered at Williamsville Wellness, as opposed to other centers which are licensed to treat mental disorders, a very broad category.

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Compulsive Gambling Treatment: 21-day Program

What you can expect:

  • 15+ individual sessions per week
  • 20+ hours of group sessions per week
  • Includes family/partner sessions, on-site* or by phone
  • Focus on Gambling Addiction Treatment


In the 21 day program we will focus on:

  • An in-depth assessment of your gambling history, severity, triggers, and signs of relapse
  • Screening for co-occurring mental health problems through psychological testing and psychiatric evaluation
  • Addressing mental health problems through therapy techniques aimed at teaching: coping skills, communication skills, motivation for change, emotion regulation, impulse control, reducing procrastination, and anger management
  • Providing education about the mental and physical effects of compulsive gambling and codependency
  • Assistance handling financial and legal problems
  • 12-Steps of Gamblers’ Anonymous and SMART Recovery
  • Emphasis on medical management issues
  • Physical health through exercise, yoga, and nutrition planning
  • Helping you create an individualized recovery plan and aftercare appointments so that you may continue your success in recovery after discharge

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Why Choose 21 Days?

  • If you have co-occurring mental health (or other) issues and need adequate time to address them in treatment
  • Designed for people with medical management issues
  • Work in-depth on family issues as part of the gambling addiction treatment
  • Receive adequate time to solidify your recovery and aftercare plan prior to leaving

Our Gambling Rehab Program provides an in-depth focus on aspects of compulsive gambling and how to attain active recovery from gambling addiction. The program starts with sessions that focus on the root of the addiction, particularly its severity and potential triggers. We will also conduct mental health screening, psychological testing and provide a diagnosis before creating an individualized recovery plan for the client.

Main goal: problem assessment and future planning, with opportunities to learn and practice recovery management skills while addressing all areas of your individualized treatment plan.

* – Subject to change due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols

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