Everything You Need to Know About Withdrawals


One of the first steps in addiction recovery can also be one of the worst: withdrawal. After someone stops or significantly decreases their use of a psychoactive substance, the body goes into acute withdrawal. Acute withdrawal is what is referenced when someone refers to “withdrawal.”

WilliamsVille Wellness in the news

Williamsville Wellness in the News

Williamsville’s Owner & Founder, Bob Cabaniss, has been spreading awareness about the rise of sports gambling and the ramifications he foresees as a result.


Sober Fun on St. Patrick’s Day


This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. Although originally a religious holiday celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, this day is known to many as an excuse for heavy partying and drinking (not to mention a day for heavier police presence and DUIs).

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Recovery Tips

Financial Repair Tips for Problem Gamblers

Addiction can deteriorate many aspects of life, finances being among one of the most frequent especially for those facing gambling addiction. In fact, the average gambling debt owed is a staggering $50,000 per person.

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Social Media & Gaming Addiction


As social media continues to pervade more and more areas of everyday life, it’s becoming more and more lucrative for companies to maximize user’s time on their respective sites.


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