How to Choose a Residential Rehab Facility

Black chairs arranged in a circle in a rehab group therapy room

Choosing the right residential rehab facility is important. You want to choose one that’s going to benefit your long-term sobriety and meet your unique needs. While many residential treatment centers provide the basic forms of care, not all rehab facilities provide the same specialized options, or the same level of support from the staff. Here’s what to look for in a residential rehab facility.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug and alcohol addictions are often associated with several mental health conditions. Residential programs that address anxiety, depression, compulsive gambling, PTSD, and other mental health issues can reduce the likelihood of relapse. These programs can help strengthen your recovery and treat the underlying causes of your addiction.

Specialized Treatment Programs

Every individual is different and each has unique needs that play a role in choosing a rehab facility. Having specialized treatment options for veterans, first responders, and gamblers can help. Faith-based options are also available, as some people want that aspect as part of their treatment, while others don’t. Having the option to cater your treatment to your specific wants and needs is especially important in preventing relapse in the future. These types of programs will provide you with coping skills relevant to the specific things you’ll experience after rehab.

Family programs are another important and specialized way of treating addiction. Not all rehab facilities offer family programs, but this opportunity is important as family support in recovery can help in maintaining sobriety. When choosing a residential rehab facility, consider the importance of family and other support in recovery and whether the facility offers family sessions and programs.

A Variety of Daily Activities

With activities such as art, yoga, mindfulness walks, fitness, and life skills training, you can find something to enjoy each day. Many residential rehab facilities also offer social activities like watching movies and playing games, to help people stay busy and interact with each other.

Engaging in different activities is an excellent way to stave off boredom and frustration, and it allows you to feel empowered while you’re working on your journey toward sobriety. Williamsville Wellness is located on a beautiful 400+ acre campus with plenty of nature and outdoor activities. This is one of the things that makes our residential treatment program stand out.

Emphasis on Long-Term Recovery

The goal of a quality residential rehab program is to help individuals get sober and stay sober. At Williamsville we focus on treating the underlying cause of your addiction to help aid in long-term recovery. A good rehab program also focuses on preventing relapse. During your stay, you should be learning about life after rehab, so you know what to expect, and how to handle issues that may challenge your sobriety during the early stages. Good residential programs provide access to recovery meetings like AA, NA, and SMART Recovery that you can continue attending after treatment.

Accreditation and Licenses

Before choosing a rehab facility for addiction recovery, make sure the facility is accredited and the clinical staff is licensed. This ensures you’re getting the quality help and support you need and deserve throughout your journey. Addiction treatment accreditations to look for include the Joint Commission, previously known as JCAHO, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Williamsville Wellness is a CARF accredited facility.

Why Choose Williamsville Wellness

At Williamsville Wellness, you can expect the support, guidance, and tools you need to live a substance-free life. Our residential rehab facility in central Virginia is top-rated, accredited, and set in a comfortable historic home. We also provide more individual therapy sessions than all our competitors, giving you the attention needed for long-term success. Contact us to learn more about our residential treatment programs and begin your recovery journey today.