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Williamsville Wellness is the nation’s premier residential treatment facility for those who need to discover how to stop gambling. We offer an indivdualized, comprehensive gambling addiction recovery program to help you take control of your gambling addiction and impulse control disorder.

We Know How To Stop Gambling, Because We Once Had To Stop Gambling.

Many of our doctors and therapists, including our founder Bob Cabaniss, are recovered addicts themselves. We understand more than most how hard it can be to stop gambling. We know how gambling addiction feels, and we can help you solve the frustrating mystery of how to stop gambling.

The warning signs of gambling addiction are different from person to person, but tend to include reminiscing over past gambling winnings, gambling with ever-increasing amounts of money.  In addition, using gambling as a way to escape depression, gambling to recover losses, loss of job or relationship, being deceptive while hiding gambling activity.  Lastly, a person has irritation when prevented from gambling or an inability to stop gambling. If you observe these signs in yourself or a loved one, it’s time for you to learn how to stop gambling.

Do you know how to stop gambling? Do you know why you started?

How To Stop Gambling: The Williamsville Approach, A Comprehensive and Individualized Program

Therapy at Williamsville Wellness is specifically oriented for the needs of each individual client who needs to learn how to stop gambling. Our successful methodology emphasizes one-on-one therapy in an individualized treatment plan with a substantive family component. We’ll focus on your unique situation to address the roots and signs of your dependency.  Also we will help you change your compulsive behavior, end your dependency, and stop gambling once and for all.

We integrate family psychotherapy, individual therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy and wellness issues with a belief in the Twelve-Step Program in our How To Stop Gambling therapy. We provide the basic tools to identify the signs of an emerging gambling addiction, learn how to stop gambling completely and maintain healthy recovery and abstinence.

Our Residential Stop Gambling Program has a three- to five-week duration and features a rare therapist-to-client staffing ratio of 1-to-1.  Thereby ensuring maximum personalized attention. The most clients we will treat at any one time is eight.

Educated, Certified and Qualified

Our gambling addiction therapists have earned their degrees.  They are highly experienced and qualified.  Among our professional ranks are  M.A., Ph.D., M.D., and Certified Addiction Counselor holders. Williamsville Wellness is fully licensed for treatment of gambling addiction by the Virginia Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services.

We use confidential testing to discover the psychological traits of patients who need our gambling therapy.  Also, we use every tool possible to help you understand the core issues that lead you to your dependency. In addition, you will learn how to change them in our gambling therapy program.

Twelve-Step Meetings

Our counselor guides you toward a deeper understanding of the twelve-step ideology.  All clients attend two or more twelve-step meetings each week.

The Family Program

After the second week of gambling therapy, a two-day family program is recommended. This allows your family to begin to understand your dependency on gambling.  Also, it is our hope that they will work on their own issues.  Then they will learn how they can support you best.

Exercise and Nutrition

It is important to note that exercise and diet play important roles in therapy for any addiction, particularly gambling. Therefore, you’ll participate in your own  exercise regimen and you will dine on nutritious meals prepared by our award-winning chef.

How to Stop Gambling, help

How to Stop Gambling: Call Williamsville Wellness.

Pristine, Beautiful and Secluded

Our facility is nestled on 400 acres of beautiful Virginia countryside just north of Richmond.  The location is in a national historic landmark restored for modern day living.  Furthermore, there are complete facilities to give you the most effective gambling treatment.
Our home is designed to make you feel at home, so that you can leave your gambling behind.  Then, you can start on your path to healing and recovery in a tranquil, secure and confidential setting.

There’s opportunity for recreation as well.  We want you to experience the joys of life after you stop gambling.  So, we offer massage, yoga, golf, and other enjoyable activities at our private country property.

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