Men’s Mental Health Awareness


June is Men’s Health Month and we are all about helping people be the healthiest version of themselves possible! One topic that can be difficult to talk about though is the silent crisis of men’s mental health.

Research has found that men are less likely to acknowledge and report mental health symptoms, like depression, and they tend to downplay their symptoms, considering them less severe. On average, males seek mental health treatment at significantly lower rates than females. Men are also dying at much higher rates of suicide and drug overdose.

There is data that suggests men tend to “act out” when faced with mental health suffering, while women “act in,” through crying or talking. “Acting out” can look like high levels of drug and alcohol use, dangerous risk-taking, poor impulse control, and increased anger and irritability. These behaviors are in line with what we tend to consider as more “masculine” but are often a sign that someone is struggling with their mental health.

How to Support Men’s Mental Health

Recognize the signs of mental distress in men.

If you or someone you know is engaging in any of the “acting out” risky behaviors listed above, it may be time to talk to a mental health professional about what could be going on.

Realize that vulnerability is a real strength.

It is hard to talk about what is really on your mind to others and share your feelings. You may not know where to begin or what to say. Finding the right mental health counselor is the best first step, and they can help you along the way, without any judgment.

Stop using phrases like “man up” and encourage the men in our lives to “speak up” instead.


-Caisey Hutto





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National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

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