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Get the support you need to overcome addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. 

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What Is Addiction?

Substance abuse can cause untold physical, psychological, and emotional damage to the individual and their loved ones. 

Why Choose Williamsville Wellness

Why Choose Williamsville Wellness?

What sets our rehab in Millsboro, DE apart? We have a compassionate team that is dedicated to your success. With our client-centered approach to addiction treatment, we work to ensure our patients are receiving the right care for their unique needs. 

High Staff To Patient Ratio

Our rehab in Millsboro, DE features a high staff to patient ratio across online and in-person services. This allows us to give each patient the individualized care and time needed to make a difference. 

High Staff To Patient Ratio
Individual Therapy img

Individual Therapy

At Williamsville we focus on intensive individual therapy as well as group therapy as part of our rehab in Millsboro, DE. We believe individual therapy is more effective in uncovering the root cause of addiction.  

Treat the Cause of Addiction

Our rehab in Millsboro, DE focuses on finding and treating the root cause of substance abuse for long-term recovery. We address addiction and co-occurring disorders, which reduces the risk of relapse after treatment.
Treat the Cause of Addiction

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Causes of Addiction

The root causes of addiction are difficult to pinpoint. For some people, addiction may be the result of genetic as well as environmental factors. One of the most important is exposure to drugs and alcohol or gambling in childhood. Children who grow up in homes where drug and alcohol abuse are present are more likely to develop an addiction later in life. Similarly, people who have a history of mental illness or trauma are also at increased risk for addiction. Genetics also play a role in the likelihood of someone developing an addiction. 

Others may become addicted after chronic drug or alcohol abuse or frequent binge drinking or drug abuse that is in response to stress, social or other anxiety, as well as losses. Drugs, alcohol, and even gambling can change the brain’s chemistry and reward pathways, which increases the risk of addiction. Addiction may also develop after using drugs, alcohol, or gambling to self-medicate for an underlying mental health condition. 


While these major causes can predispose someone to addiction, it often takes a major life event to trigger addiction. For example, loss of a job or the death of a loved one can lead to drug use or heavy drinking as a way of coping with the pain. Someone may take up gambling as a way to relax or to try to dig themselves out of financial debt. Once someone begins excessively using drugs, alcohol, or other methods to put off dealing with their problems, they can quickly develop an addiction. 

Our Rehab in Millsboro, DE treats a variety of underlying causes of addiction, and helps people overcome addiction by targeting the root causes that have led someone to engage in addictive behaviors. 

Our Addiction Treatment Modalities

Williamsville Wellness offers rehab in Millsboro, DE based on individual needs. This means that we tailor our approach to each person, taking into account their unique circumstances. Our focus is on helping people heal their mind, body and spirit.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a commonly used treatment modality for individuals suffering from addiction. Our group sessions tend to focus on interpersonal processing, skills building, and psychoeducational material to promote recovery. 

anger issues

Anger Management

Work with a therapist to address issues surrounding the expression of anger. Learn and practice techniques to reduce distress and respond to feelings of anger effectively and assertively. 

Psychological treatment

Psychological and Cognitive Testing

Confidential testing identifies strengths and weaknesses of our patients, including an analysis of their personality characteristics and cognitive capacity. Testing is just one tool we use to help the patient understand the core issues leading to their addictive behavior. 

Addiction Treatment in Richmond, Virginia

Peer Counseling

Seeing others who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction and have been able to live successfully in recovery provides hope and inspiration for those still trapped by addiction. Support and guidance from others in recovery becomes a powerful motivator and a beacon of hope for our patients. 

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Twelve Step Process

Our peer counselors help patients understand the 12-Step philosophy and facilitate step-work with patients. Patients attend on-site 12-Step meetings each week while in our program. In addition, the 12-Step philosophy can be integrated into individual sessions. 


Exercise and Nutrition

Our patients have access to an onsite gym to work out as part of a healthy lifestyle. Also, balanced and nutritious meals are provided by our award-winning chef and can be tailored to dietary preferences. 


Rehab in Millsboro, DE

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. Inpatient rehab in Millsboro, DE can be very effective, but it’s important to find the right program for your needs. 

Our rehab in Millsboro, DE is located on a beautiful 400+ acre property near Millsboro. We place a focus on individual therapy so we can treat the root cause of addiction. 

We also ensure you are receiving treatment unique to your needs which is why we offer a variety of treatment modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), trauma therapy, mindfulness coaching, and the 12 steps/AA. We offer an intensive 28-day inpatient rehabilitation program to help individuals struggling with addiction, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

In addition to our rehab in Millsboro, DE, we also offer online outpatient treatment. If you are struggling with mild or moderate alcohol abuse, substance abuse, or gambling addiction, consider online treatment options. Our online intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are flexible and effective in treating addiction. 

Our Facility

Williamsville Wellness is a top-rated and CARF accredited addiction treatment center located in central Virginia. Our rehab in Millsboro, DE has helped thousands of people overcome their addiction and has helped them to go on to lead meaningful lives, free of addiction. 

Located on a beautiful 400+ acre property, our program for rehab in Millsboro, DE provides individualized substance abuse treatment for adults who are ready to begin their recovery journey. 

Our facility is set in a historic landmark home creating a welcoming and safe environment for recovery. With only 26 beds, we’ve created an intimate experience where our patients receive the individualized care and support they deserve. Features of our rehab in Millsboro, DE include plenty of nature for outdoor activities, an in-house kitchen, formal dining room, and an indoor gym. 

Our Facility

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Our licensed and experienced team of professionals provide drug and alcohol treatment in a fully certified, welcoming environment. If you are ready to take the next step in your recovery journey, contact us today to learn more about our 28-day rehab in Millsboro, DE.